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Danish Rolling Block


Tascosa Joe:
Does anyone out there have any experience in converting a Danish 11mm to 45-70?

Sir Charles deMouton-Black:
No experience. Two things come to mind; Firstly the rim thickness may be different, and secondly, after about 150 years of experience, this 'Ol girl probably needs a gentle diet, like black powder. And cast bullets. ( not trying to teach an ol dog new tricks!)

I have not done that conversion, but it was somewhat common when Danish rolling blocks were first imported in quantity.  Then reports started coming out of damaged converted guns, which some attributed to the oversize chambers on account of the difference in case head size, and others blamed on different factors, such as inferior lots of steel used in some of the barrels.

You'll want to cast your chamber to find out exactly what you have--I think there may be variations in chamber size for the original cartridge, and I know for certain there are also different 11mm Danish cartridges--differences that are not apparent to the naked eye. Also, as Sir Charles suggests, you don't want to hot-rod these guns, regardless of chambering.

If you're determined to cut the old girl, do a careful examination and some research first. 


Sir Charles deMouton-Black:
Another thing comes to mind. As DJ says, this guns are no stranger to these shore, and many may have been "converted".

I haven't check the collectors value but it may be better, and possibly simpler to find or make ammo for the original configuration. Million of rollers were made, but the survivors are getting fewer & fewer.

Tascosa Joe:
Thanks, for all the info.  I have a 12.7 X 44 R Swede and the only difference between it and a 50-70 is the rim thickness and diameter.  It shoots good.  Brass is expensive though and the current stuff I have is marked .50 Alaskan.  The earlier brass was marked 348 Win.  The last I knew, I had purchased all the brass Buffalo Arms had in stock.   

I figured the Dane would have a different rim


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