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2023 Div. of Iowa EoE match- The Great Trainwreck of 23


Sam Perfye:
To the Ladies and Gentlemen of the GAF, on 6 May the Div. hosted it's EoE match for the year. Seven brave souls challenged each other, 20-30 mph winds, and two seemingly straight forward stages. Given that the shoot was held near Cinco de Mayo the stages were based on Villa's raid on Columbus N.M. Stage one was done from the raiders point of view, entering three "buildings" and gathering supplies then shooting your way out. Stage two was done as the defenders' angle, surprised in your "tent" you acquired your weapons and proceeded to chase the hostiles out of town. Although the round count was reduced due to the weather 4 shooters managed to run out of rifle ammo, three being able to finish the stages with their handguns and one being forced to take  out the last targets hand to hand. We had two first time events at this shoot- the first was all shooters shot in a military category, five in military regular, one in military hand gunner and one as forager. The second was Crazy Alice shooting as Ladies Military using a Krag and a double action Colt in a Span-Am uniform. The results are as follows.
    Military Handgunner- Broken Nose Scotty              Forager- Runs With Scissors      Ladies Military- Crazy Alice       Military Regular- Whiskey Double, Quickfire, Sam Perfye, Sliver Creek Slim      Precision Pistol- Runs With Scissors, Quickfire, Broken Nose Scotty, Sam Perfye, Crazy Alice, Silver Creek Slim, Whiskey Double.  Precision Rifle-Runs With Scissors, Sam Perfye, Whiskey Double, Silver Creek Slim, Quickfire, Crazy Alice.  500 yd. Challenge- Sam Perfye, Runs With Scissors, Silver Creek Slim, Quickfire, Whiskey Double. Top Soldier- Runs With Scissors.

         The Division Staff would like to thank everyone for coming out and supporting our effort. To those competing in BP single shot at the Grand Muster, watch out for Runs With Scissors (Micah Brooks) the boy can SHOOT. Looking forward to seeing everyone in June.    P.S. as a result of stepping up to military category and taking charge of the medicinal locker, Crazy Alice is hereby promoted to Aide de camp with the rank and title of Lt.(Bvt) Dan E                                                                                                                           

Robert Swartz:
....sounds like you all had a good time....any pictures?

Silver Creek Slim:

--- Quote from: Robert Swartz on May 16, 2023, 07:24:21 AM ---....sounds like you all had a good time....any pictures?

--- End quote ---
I did not take any.




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