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After Action Report for the Department of the Atlantic Muster held April 15, 202

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After Action Report for the Department of the Atlantic Muster held April 15, 2023.

It took us two days to get everything set up and the whole time we were watching the weather reports. They were calling for thunderstorms and I was a bit worried. But as the days got closer, things began to change. It wound up being a beautiful day with plenty of sunshine and a high temp of 81. A bit warmer than we wanted, but glad it wasn’t raining.

We were thrilled to have Chuck Luetkemeyer, Drydock, come from Missouri for the Muster and join other participants for a total of 12 shooters for the Muster. Always glad to have him and anyone else for that matter come to any of our 4 Musters each year. Hope to see more of you next year in Ap if you can make it.

We had three skirmish runs along with our usual Precision Speed Pistol and Precision Speed Rifle. Everyone enjoyed the skirmish runs and the Precision Speed matches are always interesting.

The first skirmish run consisted of 12 rifle and 3 pistol targets. You began by sitting on a large log around a campfire. You then retrieved your rifle from the rack and began addressing the rifle targets. They were scattered throughout the valley  in the creek and around trees for a distance of 45 yards. At the end of the rifle run you staged your rifle, drew your pistol from the holster and addressed 3 pistol targets which were up a ravine on your right.

The second skirmish run had a theme to it. It was called the Sargent York Run. Sgt. York commented that when shooting geese you shot the last one first and worked your way to the leader of the gaggle. So the 12 rifle and 3 pistol targets were set up in such a way that you had 3 targets at each position to shoot with each one at a different distance. Far, medium, and close. There were 4 position to address the rifle targets from. Oh yes, since it was a WW 1 type of run, you were in the creekbed during the skirmish run to immulate being in the trenches. After shooting the 12 rifle targets you were at a position where there was a machine gun pit to your left across the creek. It was your job to retrieve a hand grenade from a box and toss it into the machine gun pit and wipe it out. If had to reach the pit and if it didn’t then you had to keep throwing them until you did get one into the pit. Of course three targets were running away from you so you had to draw your pistol and finish them off.

The third skirmish run was heavy with pistol and lighter with rifle targets. There were 15 pistol targets scattered through the woods along a line of 35 yards and 3 rifle targets. The pistol targets were scattered behind trees while others were in false fronts. You crossed a wooden bridge in the process of shooting the pistol part of the skirmish run. When you had finished off your last pistol target, you retrieved your rifle from a rack by an imitation horse and had to bayonet a bail of straw representing an enemy combatant coming out of a building. Then you fired at 3 rifle targets which were on your left.

I have mentioned before how we do our Precision Speed Rifle and Pistol previously, but will do a short explanation here for clarification. You start on the line with an empty weapon and a RO who has a timer set at 45 seconds for pistol and 75 for rifle. The Pistol targets are B-27 and set at 10 yards while the rifle target is set at 25 yards. At the sound of the buzzer you load your weapon and start shooting the targets. You must have fired ALL of your rounds in the time limit, and ALL rounds hare required to be in the scoring area of the target. Your results are string scored for placement.

Chuck, Drydock, told us about a new scoring method GAF is planning to use for Musters. So we implemented that for this Muster and it worked out very well.

When the Muster was complete, we went into Martinsville to hold our Department Of the Atlantic Banquet at the Texas Corral. Everyone enjoyed a wonderful meal and the awards were given out. Here are the results of the Department of the Atlantic Muster:

Military Single Shot

1. Chuck Luetkemeye (Drydock)
2. Dart Liebrandt (Lite Colonel)
3. Rex Young (Pocket Hunter)

Military Repeater

1. Michael Fellows, (Snake Oil)
2. Dewayne Liebrandt
3. Glen Kreilein, (Longarm)


1, John Sharp, (Rattlesnake John)

Precision Speed Pistol

1. Dart Liebrandt, (Lite Colonel)
2. Glen Kreilein, (Longarm)
3. John Sharp, (Rattlesnake John)

Precision Speed Rifle

1. Dart Liebrandt, (Lite Colonel)
2. John Sharp, (Rattlesnake John)
3. Larry Gardner, (Lorenzo Lane)

Department of the Atlantic 2023 Muster Champion

Chuck Luetkemeyer, (Drydock)

I am posting the few pictures I took in this Report. I mostly took video and am working to post them  soon. Thanks again to everyone who worked and participated to make the Department of the Atlantic’s first Department Muster a rounding success!

Dewayne Liebrandt
Colonel Department of the Atlantic

Michael Fellows, (Snake Oil)
Chief of Staff Department of the Atlantic

Looks like a great time!

It was! 


Snake Oil:
Couldn't have asked for a better day!!

ira scott:
I see a lot of familiar faces from the NCOWS Convention a few short weeks ago, a great group of people! It looks like you have a beautiful range, well suited for a GAF Shoot.

B.N. Scotty


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