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Help fill's suggestion box with requests for a Volcanic Pistol..!

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Cap'n Redneck:
A few years back I sent Mr. Imperato a suggestion that he should start making a replica of the Volcanic Lever-action Pistol.  I got a short reply back that HenryUSA only deals in long guns.

Well, lo-and-behold; they have now just released a couple of revolvers to complement their line of shotguns and rifles. 
I must admit that the double-action revolvers do not tickle my fancy to any particular degree...

But this opens the road for us gun-nerds to suggest that they start making a replica of the "Volcanic Lever Action No. 2 Navy Pistol"...?!!

Such a replica would need to include a factory installed short-stroke kit, and a short cartridge such as the .44 S&W Russian in order to make it functional as a one-hand (read: middle finger) operated handgun.

So I hereby enlist the help of all CAS-City citizens; stop by the suggestion box in the link below and submit your request for a "short-stroke lever-action pistol" made in the USA, or not made at all...!

Major 2:
I applaud HRA in today's climate, not only built in the USA, but continued RD of new offerings.
I hope their new Revolver does very well in sales.

I will drop off a suggestion, and support their brand.

Talk about a fun small game gun! They could go 380 or 40sw to keep to keep the oal minimal or even 22 short. I'd pay two grand for one with regulated sights.


Bring it on, bring it on! :D :D

Cheyenne Logan:
Hopefully this comes out........Volcanic rifle in a Few Dollars More


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