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Recommendations for a better 1911

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Professor Marvel:
Personally I see nothing wrong (and everything to like) with the current Colt Series 70
the GovtClassic is still around $1k

as the other gents pointed out, most of the other major players putouta really fine 1911.

My personal opinion is that Standard Manufacturing is long on hype and short on value-for-price

prof mumbles


 :) A Large and LOUD PLUS ONE for The Perfesser  ;)

I must admit I have never been a fan of "Standard Manufacturing."  Mostly I found Standard to be "All Hat and No Cattle."  While nice guns, no where near worth the asking price.  Nowhere at all near.

People be Hazardous to Yer Health

Tisas 1911. Forged steel no plastic and they work.



--- Quote from: Galen on April 02, 2023, 08:39:30 PM ---Tisas 1911. Forged steel no plastic and they work.

--- End quote ---

I second the motion on the Tisas.

Major 2:
With well over 100 different manufacturers producing the 1911 platform at one time or another
whom is or was the best is transitory?
There is the Tisas (made in Turkey) at one end of the spectrum.
Then there is the $2000 and beyond mark that puts some of the biggest names, the slickest actions & finishes in you gun safe.
Manufactures like. Colts Gold Cup Trophy, Kimber, Smith & Wesson Performance Center. Dan Wesson and Sig Sauer come in around or just under your 2 grand.

In between, there a is entire group of mid-priced and fine performing 1911's.
If Springfield Armory and Colt Series 70 doesn't float your boat, you can spend way more.

In the end, only you can decide were your desire lays.
 Anywhere between casual shooting, competing or mega value safe queen.
Was I any help? ?

For me personally, the ultimate mega value safe queen, would be a rare Singer produced WW2 1911. 
 When I did compete, the 1st. was Cimarron/Rock Island 1911,
  a bit later I acquired a NIB Springfield Armory in a trade UP! for a won door prize a NIB Glock,
and now casually shooting that same Springfield and a Springfield Armory's EMP.

and on very, very rare occasion the safe queen, a WW2 Ithica with provenance acquired from the B-26 pilot that carried it, over France, Belgum and Germany.

My 2 cents, anyway


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