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Marlin 1895 in 40 82


Made in 1903. Deluxe model with pistol grip, checkering, climin lyman peep, 24" barrel and bubble level where the rear site should be, all factory. Anyway, this is my first shooting session with it. 72 grains of GOEX Cartridge and a 250gr .408 bullet. The bore has a groove diameter of .410 so I was a little spooked, but the bullet is cast from 20 to 1 and it punched up perfectly. Very accurate rifle and quite the boomer. I'll try and post pictures later today.

This thread is 3 months old. I guess I should check this Marlin forum more often. It sounds like a beautiful rifle. Would love to see pics.

Let's see if I can.


As you can see it's been carried far in its day. Somebody used it hard but maintained the bore.

Cool. Love those custom features.


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