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Proposed Div Illinois Musters for 2023


LT Col Long:

Greetings all!!

I have been lax in getting my reports out and will make up that by stating that yes Div Illinois did hold a muster on 30 July.  We had 7 shooters show, but the interesting thing was the wide variety of weapons that were shot. Consider this; 2 38 specials 1 Colt and 1 S&W; 2 1911s; 2 45 Colts; 2 Webleys; 2 Krags; 3 short action 45s; 1 03/A3; 1 Trapdoor carbine (All original).  I will redeem myself for 2023 and file a "proper After-Action report" in the proper thread.
For 2023 I have selected 30 April and 30 July for Musters in Illinois.  These still have to be approved by both landlords and the Good Guys Posse BOD (could be a slam dunk).  The 30 April match will be an intro to the GAF and consist of 2 stages of many steel targets (at least 14 each), a 2x4 (I get em free), 1 pistol stage, and a standard IPSC target for Mad Minute rifle.
For 30 July I have secured permission for a Special Guest to attend and amuse the shooters. this date will include a big pistol stage, the 2x4, and the standard IPSC target for rifle.
Both matches will include a history lesson and a possible special event.  I have already given out TMI!!
More info to come in May.

Yours in service,
Don Long, Bvt LtCol, Division of Illinois

Hey Don,

I would love to come over for one of your Musters, but unfortunately I am not able to come on either one of those dates. Would love to have any of your guys come to our Division of Indiana shoots but more importantly the e[artment of the Atlantic shoot in A[ril next year. Would still like to get together some time and chat. Hopefully can make that happen some time. Until then, have a great time and God bless!

One in Christ,
Dewayne Liebrandt
Colonel Department of the Atlantic

LT Col Long:
 I knew that I would goof something (the date for July) up!!  So, the Div Illinois Muster for July 2023 will take place on Saturday 29 July 2023. Same place Dry Gulch Ranch outside of Winnebago, IL


LT Col Long:
Well I goofed both dates and Div Il musters are all approved and set for 29 April and 29 July as per the Good Guys Posse BOD.  As always we are weather  watching as we shoot on private property.  Special guest has been approved for the July match along with some other entertainment.
Any questions feel free to pm me and I will do my best!!


LT Col Long:
Hi Peeps!!
The April Muster is in the books. Wet and cold!!! The last muster that Div of Il will hold for this year is moving on schedule.  The "the special guest" which I have mentioned is lined up to be there too.  This one will be timed and scored. No double taps!!

LtCol Long


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