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GAF active in the San Antonio area?

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I'd love to shoot a match in Texas.  We've got a fair number of folks down there, be great if you could get together.  Bat is down there now as well.


--- Quote from: Good Troy on October 10, 2022, 09:17:52 AM ---My e-mail is images.tam@gmail.com.
The "ineos" e-mail is no longer valid now that I've retired!

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Sorry. Both came up when I started typing your name and I couldn't remember which one is the one I was supposed to use.

Tascosa Joe:
The new Berger Sharpshooters range is much shorter than what we had at the old range.  We are limited to about 50 yards now.


Bummer, but when are you starting matches at the new range? 


Based on their website, I think they are already shooting there(?).  Unfortunately, they moved in the wrong direction from me.  I still have yet to make it up there.


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