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GAF active in the San Antonio area?

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Doc Holloman:
Berger Sharpshooters are a bit far for me.  My wife is disabled which limits my ability to travel overnight. I have the same problem with the Texas Doughboys -- just too far away.  5-6 clubs within reasonable driving distance but no joy.

Most every SASS or NCOWS club has allowed me to set up/shoot a "Military" class.  One GAF spec rifle, one GAF spec revolver, cas spec loads, shoot their course of fire with GAF guns reloading as needed, ignore the shotgun targets.  Its fun and great practice, and folks notice and ask questions.  A Krag and a DA revolver get a lot of questions from the CAS crowd.  If you use a single shot like a trapdoor you  shoot half the rifle shots.  IE they shoot 10 you shoot 5.  (You shoot bullets twice as heavy after all)  My local SASS club now sets seperate targets out just for the GAF shooters, IE further back against the Berm.

Doc, did you ever talk to anyone at Plum Creek Shooting Society about GAF?  They've already got the Cody Dixon targets out there.  The current president is Brazos Bo.  The GAF category they offered may have pre-dated his time as a CAS shooter, so he might not be aware of it.  But since they do offer Cody Dixon at all matches and "Cowboy 1911" on their Sunday matches, they might be open to it. 


Bat 2919:

--- Quote from: Drydock on October 11, 2022, 05:46:58 PM ---I'd love to shoot a match in Texas.  We've got a fair number of folks down there, be great if you could get together.  Bat is down there now as well.

--- End quote ---

Yes, I am in Texas but just for perspective my house in the panhandle is 500 Miles from the Grand Muster in Nebraska and over 600 miles from the Houston area where Troy is at.

Ahh, but Troy don't shoot at home.  The Berger Sharpshooters are much close to us Okies than to Houston.


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