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GAF active in the San Antonio area?

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Doc Holloman:
Topic pretty much says it.   I became aware of the existence of the GAF here on CAS City and have been trying to find out if there is any activity in the San Antonio-Austin area.  I've  inquired among the other Wild Bunch and CAS shooters I know in the area and no one seems to know anything.

Doc sends.

Some years back there was a Grand Muster (?) at Plum Creek.  I think a lot of those guys who were locals have quit shooting CAS.  Scooter is a member, plus Artiman (with the cannon) at Plum Creek.  Along with Cody Dixon categories, Plum Creek had a GAF category.  I think it was 1 revolver with a reload, and I forget what else.  I don't know that they have offered that lately, but you could ask.

I think the BEST bet is to get the guys who shoot at the Berger Sharpshooters to start shooting GAF at THEIR club.  They're in the process of moving though.  If memory serves Lost their lease.  Several of their members are in Nebrasky every June for the GAF Grand Muster.  That's about as far for you as for me (in Norman OK).



Please contact "good Troy" Melton. the Division of Texas Commander


Good Troy:
My e-mail is images.tam@gmail.com.
The "ineos" e-mail is no longer valid now that I've retired!


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