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Robert Swartz:
....watch Invasion Day April 1940. The invasion of Denmark by Germany in the beginnings of WW2. The  show focuses on the Danes relying on bicycles as their mode of unit transportation.

Cap'n Redneck:
The Norwegian Army also swapped some of its horses for bicycles between World Wars I and II.
Being the Army they naturally couldn't call them simply "bicycle soldiers", so they were bestowed with the title "Hjul-rytter" (literally "wheel-rider")...!

I've read the original instruction manual, and on the subject of losing your balance while cycling in formation it says: "If losing your balance, strive to fall into the ditch on the right hand side of the road, so that you don't obstruct oncoming traffic or your fellow soldiers.  Also alert your fellow soldiers by loudly shouting three times: "I'm falling!, I'm falling!, I'm falling!"   ::)


Frederic Remington illustration of cycle infantry …

(This is from an 1895 article in Harper's Weekly, so it is not the magazine article mentioned in the video.)

Major 2:
We have a 1942 Wehrmacht Truppenfahrrad  "Troop Bicycle" in the Museum

The M42 Truppenfahrrad was a military bicycle issued to the Wehrmacht during World War II. Special equipment for Wehrmacht use was the steering bar, the saddle, the toolbox and the porter at the back. The headlamp had to work with dynamo and/or battery. On the steering bar were two holders mounted which were holding the half-shelter tent or the drivers trench coat. 

The German Army had numerous units equipped with bicycles. It was used to deliver mail and maintain connections between a general and his troops, among other reasons. The bicycle was also used as a tactical weapon carrying panzerfausts on both sides of the bike. The mid-section could be fitted to hold a M42 machine gun.


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