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Div. of Iowa muster 2022

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Whiskey Double:
Yes the Goddard range north of Colfax.
10172  N  19th Ave. W
Colfax, Ia. 50054

Major 2:
Thank you,  :)

Whiskey Double:
You're welcome.


ira scott:
Sirs, Will the Sunday Handgun Shoot also be held at the Colfax Range?  If so, is there a lead bullet only requirement for the modern guns?   Does "pulling out everything" mean we get to shoot up the Range and all the props, and burn it down when we're done? 

Surely, A Shoot to Remember, Thanks Matt!

B.N. Scotty

Dusty Tagalon:
Apologies all! Sorry, I am at a tough point. I replied to a post, my reply deleted! After seeing post deleted, replied again under the influence, also deleted!
To this day, don’t believe I crossed the line to be deleted, so quit GAF.
This weekend, attended 2x shoots at the last 2x cowboy shoots at a friends range. Carried heavy. One gun carried, 1871 Remington Army. 50 caliber, 50/70 doesn’t fit. 56/50 Spencer fits. Asked for permission to fire a 50 caliber pistol, was refused. After explaining gun/ammo, given permission to fire. 3x others asked for permission to shoot, I was open to it carried enough ammo for anyone who wanted to to fire, although recoil strong, all 3 who fired, walked away with a smile!
Part of me wants to come back to GAF, part of me doesn’t care. Can come on Sunday, let anyone who wants to try it, part of me doesn’t care!


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