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Div. of Iowa muster 2022

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Sam Perfye:
To All, Iowa will hold the Div. Muster on Oct. 1st. with a handgun fun shoot on the 2nd. The muster will be 2 stages plus precision rifle and pistol. Approximate round count for the muster is 55 rifle and 15 pistol. This is a no miss match, so plan accordingly. The fun shoot on the 2nd. is 24 rounds per run. All standard GAF categories for the muster. The categories for the fun shoot will be, GAF approved semi-auto, GAF approved double action, GAF approved single action and modern. Camping is available at the range. We will be providing lunch on Sat. Unfortunately, this will be the last event at this range. The owners of the range have decided to retire. The upside is we will be pulling out everything to make this a farewell to be remembered. More details as they develop. Hope to see you there, Al

Excellent!  I shall make sure the camper is unstuck.   ::)

Silver Creek Slim:
The boys and I will be there.



Major 2:
Where in Iowa ?

pony express:
I believe that would be Colfax, Ia, if it's where it was when I went before.


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