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2022 Grand Army of the Frontier International Grand Muster After Action Report


7, July 1877 (+145)

To: The ladies and gentlemen of the GAF at large
Copies to: (Bvt.) Major General U. S. Scout (Ret.),
(Bvt.) Col. Drydock Chief of Staff,
(Bvt.) Col. Silver Creek Slim Adjutant ,

Ladies and Gentlemen:

I have the honor to submit my report following the 2022 Grand Muster of the Grand Army of the Frontier

By Sunday afternoon I had completed the mowing and many of my other preparations. Monday morning, I had planned to build a new sunshade for the precision Pistol firing line; however, during the course of preparations to the camp site I found that the barrel platform for the shower was damaged to the point of being unsafe. That changed my plans and by the time Lt. Col.  Quickfire and Major Broken Nose Scotty arrived the winds made my resultant plans for the day unpracticable. Given the circumstances we traveled to nearby Ord to retrieve the targets. Tuesday morning, we started repairs on the shower and once completed we moved on to the new sunshade. In spite of being something of a comedy of errors, by afternoon both projects were accomplished with the exception of putting steel on the roof of the sunshade.

Wednesday was spent placing the targets, checking toilet paper, placing benches and tables, ect.

Thursday, The RO’s and other personnel responsible for running the match, shot the main match stages to ensure that everything was set up correctly and so that we could RO the stages once the main match commenced.

Our mess consisted of 36 shooting participants excluding camp followers. Participation was up slightly from last year; however it was hampered considerably by participants health issues and the price of fuel.

Friday morning operations commenced with the Expansion Era Match and side matches.

The Main match used the same skirmish format as the Expansion Era Match did.

Wind made the Long-Range match as well as the precision pistol matches quite challenging.

Saturday evening, we retired to Oscar’s Palladium for the banquet which was catered by the Comstock Lodge. The Palladium is a 1940’s Era dance hall that has been converted to serve as a private community hall. While there, door prizes were awarded. While the match was still being shot, I had totaled the scores so that the medals and certificates were awarded to the Ladies and the men following the banquet.

Col. Drydock was the Brigade Champion and Merrin Matchet won the "Stu Kettle Memorial Gun Shoot Thingy Award" with the fastest overall time.

Sunday morning, my staff and members of my Council of War met to evaluate the Muster and discuss possible improvements in equipment, logistics and execution.

Here I should thank a number of people: The Broken Bow Lions Club for sponsoring the insurance; my staff who arrived early and helped set up and shot the match on Thursday so that they could RO the match for participants. 

Here I will also add my thanks to Lady Catherine, the General's wife. While not officially a member of the GAF, I hereby award her with the Commander's Citation for going above and beyond expectations, by providing evening meals for the command through her own initiative. The command took up a collection which they used to purchase a bouquet for Lady Catherine. Their generosity brought tears to her eyes. The flowers and accompanying gift card were delivered the following Tuesday and were quite beautiful.
Evaluation of the Muster is ongoing, but the consensus is that the format is optimal but improvements can and will yet be made.

I request that participants of this match place their report in this thread as well.

Placing in main match

And a large time was had by all!  Great seeing everyone again!


Banquet Photos curtesy Good Troy

...And some field photos curtesy Schroeder


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