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Sam Perfye:
To All, the Dept. of Missouri muster will be held May 7th and 8th at the Big Spring range in Searsboro, Ia. Details to follow as they shape up. Al

Sam Perfye:
To All, the match is shaping up nicely. We will have 2 stages plus long range and precision events on the 7th. Rain date will be the 8th. If time and interest allow, we can run the stages for expansion era weapons / happy fire. Dry camping is available at the range. Rough round count for now is 75 rifle, 50 pistol. See ya then, Al.

Sam Perfye:
Stages are finalized. Round count is 60 rifle and 25 pistol, misses and happy fire will add to the count. A blade will be needed on one stage, one will be available if needed. Lunch provided on Sat. Hope to see you then, Al


Sam Perfye:
To All, the caterer has asked for a rough head count to plan the meal. If you're thinking of coming and could let us know it would be appreciated. Thanks, Al

Will be there.


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