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Division of Illinois scheduled Muster for 2022

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LT Col Long:

Hello everyone!!  The Div Illinois Muster is scheduled for 31 July.  I will post more info in June.

LT Col Long:

Correction, the Il Muster will take place on 30 July instead of 31 July.  I was reminded of another function (eyebrows raised!!) by the house CINC.  So, again, the IL Muster is scheduled for Sat 30 July.  As always, weather permitting.

Snake Oil:
I would like more information on this muster please!


LT Col Long:

Hi Snake Oil!!  Here goes.  The Illinois muster is shot on a cowboy range, but last year we altered quite a bit.  Instead of shooting the targets at 10-15 yards I moved us out to 25-40 yards.
This year we will shoot 2 stages of at least 14 targets, blow the 7734 out of a 2x4 as a squad, and something new this year; How many rifle shots can you put on a standard IPSC target at about 40 yards in one minute?
I told the cowboys that 60 rifle and 20 pistol should do.  But the 2x4 and misses??
The muster will take place at Dry Gulch Ranch with the Good Guys Posse hosting.  We are on private property about 6 miles north of Winnebago, IL on Telegraph Road.   You can get more info by going to the Good Guys Posse website (address and other stuff).
I am resuming the history lesson after everyone gets signed in and before we shoot.  This year's lesson will cover John Browning's invention which served in our military for over 70 years.
Any other questions, fire away and I'll do my best !!!

The Good Guys Posse web site is at https://www.goodguysposse.org/

The Google map is a little dated.

Snidely Whiplash


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