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Division of Illinois scheduled Musters for 2021


LT Col Long:

The Division of Illinois will have 2 musters this year.  The first will be held on 31 July and the second one will be held on 29 August.  Both musters will take place at The Good Guys Posse cowboy action range.  Gatlin gun might appear (I aint asked yet) at one of the musters, but not both!!  Precision pistol and rifle, the ever popular 2x4, Pvt Dickweed  (undergoing transformation in my basement), and sabre drill.   Safety meeting at 0830 and start shooting about 0900 or so, depending on the history lesson.  Gun carts are allowed as  we do not have any stacking capabilities. 
Stay safe and stay away from Chicago!!!

LtCol Long

LT Col Long:

I do have a round count for those who are planning on coming to the 31 July Muster at Dry Gulch Ranch here in Illinois.  These are minimums, and this is a cowboy range, so plan accordingly!!?
65 Rifle
35 pistol
For the this muster we will be doing one stage as a skirmish.  Similar to, but entirely different from the set-up at the Genl's place.  The 2x4 is waiting to be BTH, precision targets are ready, and all of the steel is in place.
 Y'all is welcome!!


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