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Cimarron 1911, nickle vs polished

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I did not get the tanker holster.  It is not actually a WW1 holster and is not wild bunch legal, so I had no real desire for it.  At one time, buying the polished or nickled gun got you a free holster, but not now.


 ;D  Hey Abilene   ;D

Atz a really swell pair of 1911s.  I normally don't drool over "Government" model guns but I'll make an exception for yours.  REALLY REALLY NICE.  I do admit shiny objects such as those two will upon occasion (always) distract me.  Like a Raven in a jewelry store.

Unfortunately, I'm not at all a "fan" of the new and improved "Wild Bunch" as now practiced at/by/for SASS.  SASS managed to take all the grins and giggles out of the "Original" Wild Bunch Idea.  I could however, be coerced into one of those 1911s.  I now pack a Kimber for carry.  Nobody has yet designed/manufactured a better Semi-Auto pistol.  1911s ROCK!!!

Major 2:
About July of 2019  I happened in to my friends LGS ...on consignment was new NIB Springfield Armory NB Mil Surp
The owner was asking $650 because he wanted to get a Glock 17 Gen 4....

an AH Ha moment say I... I just happen to have a  Glock 17 Gen 4 I won as door prize ...  nice gun but not really my cupa.
a trade was wrangled  even Steven

 It is shown below with my Blued Cimarron bottom and my prize original Ithaca 1911 as received from the pilot who flew with it over France in 1944, including the shoulder holster he had.

" Nobody has yet designed/manufactured a better Semi-Auto pistol.  1911s ROCK!!!   you can say that again !



--- Quote from: Galen on February 12, 2020, 04:59:42 AM ---who does the finishing for Cimarron?

--- End quote ---

When Cimarron first started carrying this 1911 from Armscor, they sent a number of them to Ford Plating in Florida for the polish/blue, and polish/nickle finishes.  After a few years they started having Armscor do those finishes.  As a result, the final cost went down and it saved time.  Those finishes were nearly as good as Ford.  If you held one gun from each in your hands, you could tell a slight difference.  But if you just looked at the Armscor finished gun, it looked just fine.  I'm not sure if it was because Armscor didn't want to do the finishes any more, or if Cimarron renegotiated prices with Ford, but now the guns are again finished by Ford.  I do not know when they changed back to Ford.

Update:  Well, I put a few rounds through the new guy.  First I pulled it out and shot 3 magazines full after a CAS shoot a few weeks ago.  No problemo.  Then last weekend shot another 161 rounds through it at a Wild Bunch match.  No problems at all, except one round was very underpowered and didn't fully cycle the slide, requiring me to push it forward to chamber the next round.  This was a little surprising since this was commercially reloaded ammo (Parabellum Research Wild Bunch ammo with 200gr bullet).  Only reason I had that ammo is I got a couple hundred rounds in a trade.  Now, I am used to shooting a 230gr bullet in my reloads, so possibly these 200gr bullets were shooting a little lower, because I had a few misses on some very small swingers (size of maybe dueling tree or smaller) that were out a ways, and I never really knew which direction I was missing.  Anyways, no problems with the ten magazines I use for WB (3 are Italian mags that came with Armscor, 1 Chip McCormick, 5 Ed Browns, one I can't remember).  Before the match I did put in a Wolff reduced power mag catch spring on both 1911s.  The new one in particular seemed really stiff.  When the old spring came out, it was very covered with 'crud'.  I'm wondering if that got in their during the polish process at Ford?  The spring from the nickle gun had similar crud on it, but not as much.  I use my offhand to release the mag, usually index finger, and it is a lot easier now.


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