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Cimarron 1911, nickle vs polished

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It was just over 8 years ago I bought my nickle 1911.  I had a 4" Kimber since 1999 but needed a government size for Wild Bunch.  I have been very pleased with it.  I have done very little "practice" with it, mostly shooting at matches, so have a mere 1975 rounds through it.  When I bought it, I was torn between the nickle model and the polished blue model.  So, with the excuse that I should own a backup WB gun, I finally got the polished model as well.  They both started life as the "parkerized" (matte finish) guns from Armscor, and went to Ford Plating in Florida for polish and plating.  But I am noticing some small differences in the guns.  I'm not sure if these sort of differences are just random gun to gun, or if the base model has changed somewhat over those years.

The ejection port on the polished is lowered the same amount as the nickled, but has less radius in the corners on the right side of the slide.  The polished trigger is shorter (I really like the longer one).  The sights are a little different, even smaller and thinner front sight on the polished gun, but the rear is wider so it is actually a better sight picture.   The thumb safety on the new gun is considerably more difficult to push up - hopefully that will ease up.

I cleaned the gun and took it to a CAS match this past weekend so I could give it a quick try after the match.  I ran three magazines of my 230gr WB ammo through it with no problems.  I will probably shoot it in the next WB match to give it a better workout. The pictured grips did not come with the gun.  The grips it came with were sort of mustard colored.  Not too bad but I like these better.  They originally came on the nickled gun.  They are also slightly thinner and less aggressive texturing than the ones that came on the polished gun.  It does have a beautiful polish job.  Thank goodness for microfiber towels.  :)

Oh yeah, and the grip safety tang is a bit longer and "pointier" on the new gun.

who does the finishing for Cimarron?


Major 2:
Very nice Abilene. I got the Polished Blue about 6 years ago.
As I recall , I had had to order it from an LGS/Cimarron dealer in Georgia, Cimarron was out of stock at the time.
I was unaware Fords did the polished blue/plating until you posted that fact in another thread some weeks ago.
I bought some classic Chip McCormick Magazines off eBay....

I've been very pleased with my gun

Did you get the shoulder holster that goes with it?


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