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What Price Glory

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Look up "What Price Glory" or "1880 Hunting on Ebay.  Not on my home computer or I'd just get the link.


Ahh.....I was looking on his website.  Thanks for the heads up.

I just started a thread on them.

Major 2:
What Price Glory comes through

For my Springfield 1911 or any other of the plethora of 1911's.
For Wild Bunch shooting a western influence holster is slick.
( but there is no WB shooting anywhere near me anymore  :-\ )

I was looking for something a bit different than the US issue for possible future BAMM shoots.
With  either an Lee Enfield MIII or an 03 Springfield an on occasion M1917 , a military style was needed .
I opted for a British issue Sam Brown holster for my 1911 from "What Price Glory"


Silver Creek Slim:


Major 2:
Here is my version of a fantasied rig, the idea is Para military circa 1911-1916.
The belt is from Dell Leather Works and both the McKeever Box & holster are from WPG....

The box is looped for 30 Cal.   30/40 , 30-06 or 303 Brit. depending on which bolt gun I am using.

Presently,  I'll use a web 1911 Magazine pouch , but may get a leather 1912 pouch


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