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What Price Glory

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I just checked our account and it is working.
As said before it is a small percentage, but it is working

BTW for you naval types, I see they now have Donald Ducks


You may want to ask Jerry Lee how we can get stuff through the WPG website instead of ebay.  It seems as if a number of items go there first.  Maybe something could be worked out?

Yes, I'm an American and I am impatient. >:(....... :P 

I'm working on it. There's something on E-bay that I want to order through the website. It is my understanding that Jerry is away from the office today, but I am working on it.


Me too, General, Sir ....

I am a Facebook "friend" of Jerry's and he just posted that he has flown back from Dubai, so hopefully will be available for contact now, or very soon.

His website is soup sandwich. >:(  I hate to say that because he is a great vendor but it is tough to find things on his site.  I searched all through the 1876-1938 and could not find  much of the Cavalry stuff listed on ebay. 

I hope someone here is close enough to him to encourage an overhaul of the site.  A pre 1902 section would help tremendously.  Lots of stuff in ebay cart I am just waiting to find  on his site to order.


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