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Best Spanish American War Uniform Reference

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--- Quote from: smoke on January 20, 2021, 02:01:59 PM ---Are Coon Creek made to order?

--- End quote ---
some items are anyway.

My 1895 White Sumer/Tropics uniform was

Coon Creek made an IW sack coat for me out of cotton. They do quality work.

Robert Swartz:
Just to add a vendor. Carter & Jasper Mercantile, Joe Blunt will make Indian Wars clothing. He has a Facebook page.

Addendum:  WPG should send me a Xmas card, lol. I now have the canvas coat, trousers, proper suspenders and gaitors. Since most what I do is geared toward the 1870's/1880's, I'm set for now. May add one of the River Junction hats with the star vent down the road. Just what I need, another hat.....


Dave Fox:
All contributors to this site should consider joining The Company of Military Historians. Over the years the Company's quarterly "Military Collector and Historian" has published several minutely researched illustrated articles on this subject.

Found this, a digital download of the Cowboys in Uniform book.
Site claims to have permission from author to post download online.


Since Amazon has only one copy for sale at $95, this could be a good resource.


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