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Best Spanish American War Uniform Reference

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I received Cowboys in Uniform, which is a pretty short book, 78 pages.  On the other hand, it DOES have all two of the uniforms worn by the cowboys in uniform.  Do those of you owning an 1884 fatigue uniform wash it regularly, or dry clean, or ...  I really liked the way that the faded one looked.

Daughter looked at the pictures on line and made disparaging remarks about my outfit and facial expression.


Later Y'all

Cold water wash on gentle cycle, hang dry.  My cotton flannel shirts from River Junction get the same treatment, the wool flannel gets Woolite in the sink.

I wash my wool shirt in the machine with lots of fabric softener on the gentle cycle, then line dry and stretch it as it dries.

I received this 1899 photo from Dutch Al.


I wash my British greyback shirt in cold with Woolite on the gentle cycle.  Hang it up on a plastic hangar to dry.  Never had any shrinkage problems that way.

Sergeant Klondike:
My grandfather, John Gaberial Smith (standing) was in the Spanish American War.  This is the only photo we have of him in uniform.


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