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Updated GAF recruiting flyer

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Mustang Gregg:
I like it.  Great work, Dusty.
At least we were all in step at the Color Guard.


River City John:
Just noticed a typo in the second column - there should be a space between ". . .based on. . ."

RCJ :)

Ol Gabe:
Aye, and also consider the following:
1. On the Black print side with logo, first paragraph, suggest changing line to read "...or a bit beyond.", adding a.
2. Third paragraph, delete - and replace with a comma to read "...very knowledgeable, the rest...".
3. On the Blue print side, first paragraph, delete 'of' in line "...participating in...".
4. Blue print side, paragraph two, delete 'much' and '-' so it reads "...American and World history."
5. Third paragraph, add period after "...other Nations."
These suggestions are to make it read more smoothly, please use and accept in the spirit intended.
Best regards and good proofing!
'Ol Gabe
GAF #114



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