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What Would You Carry in the 19th Century?

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Coal Creek Griff:
I was out shooting my Uberti 1873 short rifle today (taking care of the "Campbell's Gang") and thinking what a great gun it was and it got me thinking about what I would choose to carry as a 19th century lawman.  I have to say that my rifle would have to be a '73 in 44 WCF, or perhaps 38 WCF.  It's fast to shoot, reliable, accurate, easy to clean and hits hard.  The magazine holds a lot of ammo and it can be topped up at will.  I have other guns I like, but that would be just about perfect for that role.  I have a short rifle, but either that or a carbine would probably be my choice.  I prefer shorter guns for some reason.

For handguns, I have Colt and Schofield reproductions.  I'd have to choose the Colt as my 19th century law enforcement sidearm.  I'm only familiar with the 4 3/4 inch barrel length, but I particularly like it.  Caliber would be a toss up between 45 Colt and 44 WCF, with a slight edge going to the 44 WCF to match the rifle.

What do you think?  What you chose?  For you law enforcement officers, knowing what you know, does that affect your choice?

CC Griff

Forty Rod:
What would you have carried during the first 3/4 of the century?   ::)

Coal Creek Griff:
Yes, I realized after I made the post that I should have been more specific.   My answer was for the 1870s and 1880s. It would be different before or after.  Pick your specific time period as you choose for your answer.

CC Griff


St. George:
It would all depend upon where one was living.

Many Lawmen never carried anything at all - never had to.

The era really wasn't like the movies, or a Louis L'Amour novel, so don't draw conclusions or equipage from them - look to the time frame and locale and then make a choice.

Likely a Lawman carried what was the most common thing to be purchased at the Dry Goods or Hardware store, or what he already owned from his previous employment.

That 'generally' would mean a Colt SAA - due to popularity and wide-spread use - but could mean anything at all.

An everyday 'town' Lawman was well-known, and usually never had problems that couldn't be handled with anything more than words.

Men who were Marshals working for a Court and chasing felons were going to be differently-equipped - both for the quarry, as well as for the rigors of the trail.

Probably 'the' most common firearm in use was the shotgun - short or long-barreled - 'everybody' knew what one of those could do...

Scouts Out!

Forty Rod:
Don't worry about it, Griff.  We'll keep on reminding you... and reminding you... and reminding you... forever.   ;D :D ;D :D ;D :o


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