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Care and feeding of the Krag

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If you ever do start casting your own, keep in mind the Lyman (then Ideal) 210 grain bullet was specifically designed for the Krag.  Perhaps that's why it works so well!


--- Quote from: CPL Jayhawker Jake on February 18, 2015, 06:44:40 PM ---I'm not quite up to the level of casting my own bullets yet, but I do plan on working up some loads for this soon.
--- End quote ---

I can cast, but I've found that I have time to cast,... OR...I have time to reload. I don't have time to do both.
Like I said;

--- Quote from: Pitspitr on February 18, 2015, 12:40:58 PM ---Scruffy Skippy makes a good 220 gr RN lead bullet. 402-276-1391
--- End quote ---

These are what I use.

Quick Fire:
Where do you find the brass?

Quick Fire


30/40 Brass usually isn't too hard to find. I've found some at gun shows. Sometimes folks acquire some that they don't need and they'll sell it. Midway or places like that usually have it. Sometimes I just buy modern loads shoot them for practice or hunting or whatever and then reload them with the loads and powder I want.

Quick Fire:
Midway and my other usual sources for brass don't have any 30-40.Krag. They do have Remington loaded ammo, but I'll wait to see if anyone near home has some so I don't have to pay shipping. Yea I'm cheap! ;D


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