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Care and feeding of the Krag

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CPL Jayhawker Jake:

--- Quote from: Drydock on February 17, 2015, 07:41:10 PM ---Just a note CPL:  You do not have to have a uniform to shoot the main match.  (Just don't show up in a ball cap and sneakers!)  If you need the money for the rifle, get the rifle first.  Clothes are easy to do anytime, especially this uniform.  

Let us know how it goes.  Sporterized Krags are often lower priced, and can be remilitarized to Carbine spec fairly easily.

--- End quote ---


Now for the uniform.  And learn how to shoot the Krag.  ::)

Very cool!  If you ever decide to shoot it with the bayonet attached, make sure the bayonet is completely latched.  Let's just say I know bad things happen if you don't!


--- Quote from: CPL Jayhawker Jake on February 18, 2015, 09:49:40 AM ---Krag--Check
And learn how to shoot the Krag.  ::)

--- End quote ---
One of the most important things we've learned is to make certain the OCL is right. If you use too short a bullet the cartridge won't feed. Scruffy Skippy makes a good 220 gr RN lead bullet. 402-276-1391


Pitsptr is right about overall cartridge length.  We saw one a few years back loaded with 150 grain bullets, and it was a jam-a-matic.  I was amazed at the time because I'd shot a Krag for years without even one jam.  Then again, I've only ever used 220 grain bullets, which is what it was designed for.  I think Drydock uses 180 grain bullets with complete success, but I'd ask him what he uses to be sure.  Trailboss is great for what we do.  Just fill the case to the base of the bullet.

pony express:
Not sure what Drydock uses, but mine are a pointed bullet from a Lyman mould, I think they weigh in about 185gr. Made the mistake of trying some 165gr flat point 30-30 cast one time. Just ONE time. Those didn't agree with my '03 either. It's when you use the short bullets that you have to carefully place the rounds in the magazine one at a time to avoid rimlock. If they're long enough, you just dump a handful in the mag and close it, they align themselves fine.


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