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The 1884 Fatigue Uniform: Easy, Comfortable, inexpensive.

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 A repost for new folks.

Got a Trapdoor or a Krag, and want a uniform to go with it?  The 1884 Brown Canvas Fatigue uniform is an easy way to get into the ranks, and comfortable enough, even in hot weather, that I use it out on the farm for brush busting and armidillo hunting.

http://www.history.army.mil/html/museums/uniforms/survey_uwa.pdf   Page 35

Introduced in 1884 as a barracks duty/stable cleaning outfit, it was soon found so comfortable, particularly in the southwest, that troops wore it in the field, in essence becoming the first really practical battle utility uniform.  Officers quickly adapted it for their own use.  Highly popular both in Cuba and the Phillipines, though not often seen in pictures, as troops preferred to be illustrated in their more traditional "Blues".  This uniform was standard issue to all enlisted ranks from 1885 to 1911.  (Officers bought them from    the post Quartermaster)  Trapdoors to 03s were carried by folks dressed in these.


Shirt: M1883 pull over flannel   http://www.riverjunction.com/Shirt--Indian-Wars-Military-Shirt--Cotton-Flannel--Heirloom-Brand--Navy-Blue_p_42.html     THis is a cotton flannel, River Junction also markets a wool flannel at a third more.  The wool is also a high quality shirt, and comfortable, but I'm cheap.  I have seen both 3 and 4 button plackets in various pictures, depending on the contractor. 1899 and later troopers began sewing rank on the sleeves, and officers began pinning rank devices to the collar.  Don't do it if you're carrying a trapdoor!

Trousers:  1884 Cotton Duck   http://www.riverjunction.com/Trousers--Suspender-Pants-Gold-Rush-Jeans--Heirloom-Brand_p_81.html    As accurate as any custom pants I've seen.  If you want to get fancy you can sew on some seam stripes.  

Hat:  1883 drab, Bracher/star/snowflake vent   http://www.riverjunction.com/Wadell-Hat-Campaign-hat--Wool_p_109.html     Down at the bottom you can  pick the vent you want.

Shoes.  Black, leather, lace up.  Ankle high.  You've got black shoes with laces, you're fine.

Thats the basic field uniform.  You want to get fancier?

Tunic: http://www.quartermastershop.com/1872_and_on_us_enlisted/m-1884_enl_canvas_bls.html#.UfxO_tJaySo    The best, worth the money.  Sew on some stripes if you want to be a noncom.  Pin on some shoulder straps if your one of them occifers.  This is a field uniform,  save all the braid and facings for the ballroom.

Leggings:  These are nice to have, keeps out the dust and bugs.   http://www.whatpriceglory.com/shopexd.asp?id=5119&bc=no     THe only difference between these and the ones adopted in the late 1880s is that the older pattern used a leather strap.  Some cut off the web strap and rivet on a leather one.  But I'm not gonna look under your shoes to check.

Some of this stuff can be found on other sites.  Wild West Mercantile has brown duck clothing, prices vary.  I've picked up two pairs of Trousers off trade tables at various shoots, 20 bucks.  Any old brown cowboy hat of moderate brim and crown works fine.  Leggings can be found at Army suplus stores for a few dollars, though you will look long for ones big enough for modern legs.  You might have a long sleeve blue pullover hanging in a closet somewhere, and Carhart makes a lot of brown canvas jackets and pants that can be adapted.  I've seen a lot of those in 2nd hand stores.

Here's another source for high quality reproductions:


Silver Creek Slim:
Trapdoor. Check
Tan duck pants. Check
Dark brown hat. How does one lighten dark brown to tan?
Faded OD leggings. They were my grandfather's from WWII.
I don't think my black wing-tips will work.  :( Have to see what Goodwill has for shoes.



Just say its dirty, Slim, we'll believe you.  Pass the Apple pie.

Just a note CPL:  You do not have to have a uniform to shoot the main match.  (Just don't show up in a ball cap and sneakers!)  If you need the money for the rifle, get the rifle first.  Clothes are easy to do anytime, especially this uniform. 

Let us know how it goes.  Sporterized Krags are often lower priced, and can be remilitarized to Carbine spec fairly easily.

Bat 2919:
Black Stacy Adams Madison high top shoes/boots. 


You can find them new from several sources or haunt e-bay



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