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DeCaf and the GAF Muster

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Does any one need it, does anyone desire it?

I've bought the coffee today but had forgot abot finding out if it was wanted, if so just hollor and it will not be a problem.

For the serious caffee junkies I got a pound of whole bean Celebes.  But those handling firearms will not be permited to have any till all their guns are put away.

Also got a pound of very dark Eye-talian roast that the fella with the nose ring ground as fine as flour.  There will be Turkish Coffee Friday Night for those who desire a "Real Man's" adult beverage. ;D

US Scout:

While I've been known to take a cup of coffee now and again, my preferred hot beverage is tea.  I don't mind bringing my own fixings, but if'n you can have a pot of water heating up I'd greatly appreciate it.

US Scout
GAF Chief of Staff

I done bought a new tea kettle last night, ;D  The old one was beyond repair, it rusted out around the solder.  I'll have some tea, Orange Pekoe and some Earl Grey the coffee house was out of Lap Sang Soushong yesterday. >:(


Lou Graham:
Sound wonderful, Del.  I like coffee in the ay-em, but a spot of tea with Scout in the afternoon would be love-er-ly  ;D

US Scout:

Much obliged. 

A cuppa tae with my biscuits and gravy sounds mighty fine eatin' to me!  Looking forward to it!

US Scout
Bvt Col of Marines


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