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My pard Matt "Gopher Grease" Moore and I sat down and did the final planning on the menu tonight.

We are baseng our menu on what has went over well in the past and what also works well for 50 or so folks.  Everything is based on our research on historical foods from homesteader, cowboy camps and resteraunts of the period.  We are using groceries as historical as possible and everything will be made from scratch.

You will also notice I use dinner for noon and supper for evening meals, it's the way I grew up and I'm proud to say it only took 10 years for me to get my wife trained. ;D

Friday Dinner

Beef Stew
Homemade bread
both Peach and Blueberry Cobbler

Friday Supper
Corned Beef and Cabbage
Czech Style Pork and Kraut with Potato Dumplings
Czech Style Rye Bread
Caramel Dump Cake

I know some will say they don't like kraut, but this one is so different than what most have eaten it should be tried before you judge, brown sugar removes the sour in this dish.  If there is not bread left from dinner I'll make some more white bread also.  Matt makes the caramel from scratch.

Saturday Breakfast

Corned Beef Hash
Scrambled Eggs

You can't have corned beef and cabbage with out having corned beef hash the next day.

Saturday Dinner

Chicken Pot Pie
Tamater Steak
Apple Cake

The pot pie is because Matt posted on it in Cosie's corner and a certain lady who is married to the boss of the board wants to see it made.

Tamater Steak is a less fancy fore-runner to Swiss Steak and was a treat on trail drives if there were extra canned tamaters.  It leaves out the green peppers that many don't like.
Sunday Breakfast

Biscuits and Sausage Gravy
Scrambled eggs.

What can you say, biscuits and gravy are a favorite with most, we ain't countin' calories this weekend.

Sunday Dinner

Baked Ham
Baked Rib's with Matt's Sauce
Baked macaroni and Cheese
Baked Apples

Matt's sauce for rib's is wonderfull, don't wear yer white shirt.  Baked Mac and Cheese was a rare delicacy till the US produced the right wheat around the turn of the century.  I make it like Thomas Jefferson's cook did, it was one of his favorite dishes.  Few do in in a dutch oven, when I do the oven gets cleaned.

There will be coffee on at all times made from good beans not canned.  I have a 20 and a 32 cup pots, if anyone has a large one or two bring it if you have room, I don't know how many are serious coffee drinkers, I can drink a 32 in a day by myself.  It don't take long to produce another pot though.

YEAH FOR THE COFFEE!!  Hmm..leave the plastic giant cup in the car.  What might be a good alternative?

Stop at wal_Mart or target or camping store and buy one of those blue enemal ware ones, the US made ones of the time were grey and white, but there were some expensive stuff from Czechaslovakia that seems to have been blue, I'll also bring my cup collection.  Heck a soup can washed up is period correct.


IFFIN I hada known about this before I registered, I woulda registered sooner!!

And no "man eaten" sourdough?


There will be starter along, most likely a gallon or so.  If is gets used on yeast bread will depend on the weather, but can get used in any of the breads, I prefer it in the Czech style rye.  I have some tricks to try, the sourdough in cooler weather is an experiment.  If it works fine, if not we'll just have yeast breads, but the sourdough might get used in the biscuits Sunday.

If anyone wants a bit of my starter bring a jar.  Lou don't, they might be upset it'n it et an areoplane. ;D


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