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Who's where at the Muster?

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Lou Graham:
We're staying at the Sherwood Inn in Garnett.
Plane gets in at noon Thur.
Lou Graham = Tracy Martin

We'll head over to the range before dark to make sure we can find it.

Where's everybody that's not camping going to be?

Major Matt Lewis:
Camping Friday staying at the Sherwood on Saturday.

Chantilly = Janet Newton; Shoot'n Newton = George Newton - We'll be coming in Friday night and staying at the Sherwood Inn also.


Dr. Bob:
Golly gee! :'(  I guess I cant post on this topic since I'll be camping Thursday through Saturday nights.  Oops, I guess I just did. ::) ::)

I'm campin' as close to the chuckwagon as I can get.


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