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Important Message Concerning the GAF Muster


Major Matt Lewis:
To my pleasure and delight, I am pleased to announce the arrival of a parcel from The GAF Muster's official armory back east, The Hartford Armory of course.  I have opened the parcel and found what I am determined to be pure shooting NERVONA.  That is correct troops.  One of you lucky folks are going to walk away with one of the finest rifles I have ever had the privilage to hold.  I think I whiped off all the slobber, if not please forgive me.

Lou Graham:
That's a relief!
Now, if my dang ammo would just show up.  They left together......... ::)

Major Matt Lewis:
Hopefully today.


US Scout:

I just got a letter from Taylor's saying my HA pistol will be delayed until further notice!

And now I'm to be TEMPTED beyond all reason by being actually able to not only handle one, but shoot it as well!!!!

US Scout
Bvt Col of Marines


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