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I like these too:


St. George:
The best series was the 'US Army In Action' series - you saw those on the walls of every Army unit, and they were fairly large in size.

They were the action paintings that ran from the Revolutionary War through Vietnam - and coupled with the National Guard's version of the same - make up an impressive gallery.

There were a couple of versions of certain ones, as well - the original-as-painted one, and the later politically-correct one.

I own the former.

Scouts Out!


Is there any place we can see them on line?

St. George:
No idea.

They used to adorn every building the Army owned - in a couple of different sizes - even USAR Centers and Guard Armories.

The Marines had theirs, as did the Navy and Air Force.

The Center for Military History was the proponent for the Army.

Scouts Out!


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