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Article for Military Caliber lead bullet loads with Trail Boss : FOUND IT!

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It works in everything else, soooo...................


--- Quote from: Galen on December 15, 2016, 09:38:58 AM ---Anyone with a thought or two using trail boss in 6.5 Jap?

--- End quote ---
Fill the case to the base of the bullet, weigh the charge and multiply it by .7 that gives you your starting load. This data from: www.imrpowder.com/PDF/Trail-Boss-data.pdf

It apparently doesn't work well compressed.

pony express:
I tried it, had no problems with the powder, just that the Arisaka didn't like the bullets I tried. It was the so called "Cruise Missile" mold from Mid South. The flat nose would hang up and not feed from one side of the magazine, I think the left side. So the experiment was put off until I get a different, suitable, mold.


Sedalia Dave:
The trailboss data has been moved.

On the Hodgdon website under the resources pull down select Reference Data. Then scroll down to the Reduced Rifle loads.

Trailboss Rifle Loads

Reduced rifle loads for H4895


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