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Article for Military Caliber lead bullet loads with Trail Boss : FOUND IT!

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Every once 'n awhile this needs to go up:


Bat 2919:
After reading that article I now understand your request to have your bullets unsized.  This is an interesting concept, I assume you do want the bullets lubed.  Have you found this works for you?

pony express:
For my GAF loads, I don't usually size, either. Just use some of the Lee Liquid Alox. My Krag and Springfield like at least .310, and I don't think my bullets as cast are much bigger, probably not even .311. Only time I size them is to seat gas checks if needed.


Yep, I just pan lube with my Crisco/beeswax.  I've won a couple of Grand Musters using these loads.  (I've found my Krags like a little more powder than 9 grains, but it was an excellent starting load.  My Son also loads this way for his Mosin Nagant, that thing LOVES this stuff. He won last years Regional with it.  I use a 200 grain Lee bullet, drops .311 unsized (Melted chilled shot) in both my Krags and Mosins, as well as a No 5 Enfield.  (Krags run just over .309, the Mosin at .310, the Enfield at .311 ((Maybe. 5 groove rifling hard to measure))  I do gas check, it seems a bit more accurate.  Cheap aluminum ones. Use a .311 Lee sizer to do that.

I shoot with the sights set at 600, and was knocking down our 1/2 scale Blunt style steel targets at 75-100 yds. Bullet mass not velocity, but it does seem to work, and very consistant shot to shot.  Clean too.

Would not mind someone else doing the casting now and then.


--- Quote from: Drydock on November 03, 2013, 09:05:39 PM ---Would not mind someone else doing the casting now and then.
--- End quote ---
That's my problem. I just absolutely don't have the time to cast. Almost don't have the time to reload either, but with the new press I can justify that much time. I've turned out a few thousand .45 Colts the last few weeks. I'll probably start on .45ACP sometime next week.


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