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Howdy and info needed.


Buckshot Tuck:
Howdy, all!

Thought I should introduce myself, I have been on on thhe CAS-L list for years so some of you (Rattlesnake Jack, Trailrider, Bull Schmidt. others) will know me.

Some time ago I joined up with the GAF and held a position under the command of Bull Schmidt. Then had a computer crash and have slowly been putting things back together.

I could still use the main web site for the GAF, I have not recovered that yet.


Silver Creek Slim:
Welcome, Buckshot Tuck.
Is this what yer lookin' fer?


Buckshot Tuck:
Silver Creek Slim,

That did it!  Thank you.

They still have not fixed the options at the top of the page, I can only see the home and enlist choices, the rest are covered up by an overlap of the bottom part of the page and have to only be guessed at.




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