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Camille Eonich:
Marshal'ette got me thinking about my first match when she posted that she was nervous about getting up and shooting in front of people.

I was real excited about CAS but I was scared to death at the thought of all those people watching me shoot.  I've been shooting all my life and have shot all kinds of guns but Ihad missed out on pump shotguns, lever action rifles and single action revolvers.  We attended two or three matches before we started shooting and several people let us try out their guns.  Even so I only got to shoot a few rounds through them.

Then when we got all of our gear together another cowboy friend took us out to the range and made up a few stages and let us shoot.  That helped a lot!!!!  I was still nervous about shooting in front of all those people though.  I made Stump go over my guns with me again and again to make sure that I was handling them right loading and unloading them.  That helped a lot too.

Well we got to our first match and got to the first stage and my knees were trembling at  the loading table.  I didn't think that I would be able to make it to the line.  Then it was time!  Too late to back out then so I staggered up to the line and got ready, still shaking.

The timer went off and I sooo forgot that there was anybody else there.  I didn't hear anything going on behind me I didn't notice the RO.  I was just concentrating on shooting and doing things right.  I shot my first stage clean.  I was all grins.  I was all grins for the rest of the match, the rest of the day and the rest of the week.  Stump and I stayed up late that night just talking about shooting and the people and what we did right and what we did wrong.  (We still do that after a match)

Shoot, four or five matches later we went to a match that we had never shot before and even though we knew everybody by that time someone told us that we were "shaking like two queers in a weenie factory".  His words not mine!!!!!

I still get nervous before I shoot sometimes.  The first stage is the worse and I have to make myself calm down and take my time on it but I wouldn't give this up for anything.

What happened at your first match?  How'd it go?  Were ya nervous?

Marshal'ette Halloway:
"shaking like two queers in a weenie factory". 

Ohhh... I can tell already!!
This is going to be my favorite thread..

 Please Please Please..tell about your first shooting match.

Wait just a second.. let me get some popcorn and get all settled in..
Ok... I'm ready!

Let the stories begin!

Doc Bonecutter:
I had read all about SASS on the wire, saw it on TV and decided it was for me.  I bought the guns--a couple Rugers, a '73, and a '97 over the winter.

I went to Fleet Farm and bought a long sleeve western shirt for $12.  I had an old hat and some old harness-style boots....I ordered a belt and holsters from a guy I saw on the wire and waited for spring.

April came around and it was time--I had convinced another friend and potential shooter (Doc One Shot) to come with me.  The only problem was--the leather hadn't arrived!  We decided to go anyway.

At Oconomowoc, the cowboys at the Oconomowoc Cattleman's Association welcomed us with open arms.  Big Grit took us under his wing and cowpokes acted as our holsters--they handed us the pistols when it was time to shoot and took them back when they were empty.  One Shot and I had a GREAT time.  And on the way back, we decided that we could do this at our home gun range....

That was 6 years ago---the Liberty Prairie Regulators have been shooting for 5 years now, my 2 youngest kids shoot with me, and we have had a GREAT time the whole while.


Stump Water:

--- Quote from: Camille Eonich on August 12, 2005, 04:19:44 PM --- I shot my first stage clean.
--- End quote ---

.... And a cowpoke turned to me and said, "Boy, a lady what can shoot like 'at, when she says 'Jump', you better say 'How high?'"  ::)

Big John Denny:
Went to a shoot of Doc Holiday's Immortals at my local gun club I'm a member of. Didn't come to shoot, just to watch what was going on.

Went back to the next shoot the following month with two of my 45 Colt Vaqueros in tow, a 1894 Marlin Limited Edition in 45 Colt, and a SXS 12 gauge. Like EC, I was nervous on the first stage, which had a complicated shooting pattern. I shot all the targets, but got some of them out of the proper sequence, so I earned my first and only "P".

What made it harder for me was the Marlin only held 8 rounds, which I thought was safe since the SASS information indicated rifle targets should be set for 7 shots. Wrong. The Immortals like rifle targets and all but one stage required 10 shots from the rifle. You guessed it, I loaded on the clock to make those other two shots.

Had a hell of a time though and have enjoyed SASS shooting ever since.


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