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Frank A Miller Jr. Killed in the line of duty 17 years ago today

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John Barleycorn:
Well Its November 10th again. I cant believe its been 17 years.
 Frank was a great friend the kind of guy who would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. We went to high school together and sat in the same homeroom for 4 years, we both went to the same college and attended the police academy together. Frank was killed by a no account wino that refused to move on from his favorite ally drinking spot.
 It was a daylight shift and Frank was walking the beat in Mckeesport PA Frank had only been on the job a few months and was alone because his partner had court that day. I'm told Frank never called out that he was having an encounter with a intoxicated street person. It soon turned ugly and Frank was in a struggle for his life, the revolver discharged once taking off one of the wino's fingers, but he then gained control and shot Frank in the chest just above the vest and then once in the head. Frank died at the hospital later that day. 
 The bum was found and arrested a few blocks away bleeding from the wound and with Franks gun in his waistband how he was not killed then and there I do not know. He was convicted in the first trial and several years later in a second trial that Franks parents had to be put through because the murderer claimed he had poor representation the first go around.

 Brothers and Sisters in Blue,  please always call out no matter how small or unimportant you think the incident is.

 Frank, I miss you brother.

Coal Creek Griff:
Thanks for sharing your heart and Frank's story.  It is good for us to hear difficult stories that teach good lessons.  After 21 years on the job, I know I need to hear things like this. 

CC Griff

I will add Frank to my Prayer list tonight. You too. Three years ago I lost a partner in a car crash and realised all of us need prayers after a line of duty death too.  Anyone else notice how many more shootings happen on Days?  A quick mental review and I am sure that my dept. has had more shootings on days than afternoons and midnights.  I think we all tend to turn it up a notch when it gets dark and relax a bit on days.  I know I did, (currently on permanent Mids) and most of my friends do too.

Thanks for letting us now about your friend, a real Hero, and giving us the opportunity to pray for him.  Twitchy


John Barleycorn:
My sincere thanks Pards.

Shotgun Franklin:
It can be a hard way to make a living. Hard on those who get taken and hard on those who remain.


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