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Below are the Final GAF Era of Expansion Match (EEM) guidelines:

The Era of Expansion Match

The Era of Expansion Match (EEM) is designed to commemorate the era of European expansion such as the Boxer Rebellion (1899-1901), Philippine Insurrection (1899-1902), Second Boer War (1899-1902), the landing at Vera Cruz (1914), and the Pershing Expedition into Mexico (1916).

•   The EEM is a variation of what is popularly known in Cowboy Action Shooting as a “Wild Bunch” match, but with significant differences in what firearms are used and the encouragement to wear an appropriate uniform of the era. 

The EEM allows, and encourages, the use of MILSPEC firearms issued to the military between 1900 and 1916, with the exceptions noted below.
•   Rifle and pistol only.  Shotguns were not issued to military forces until WWI.  If a shotgun is required, it and the ammunition will be provided by the Muster Director.

•   Post-1900 design firearms may only be used in the Era of Expansion Match.  They may not be used in the long range pistol or rifle side-matches, or in the main match.

•   Post-WWI manufactured and issued MILSPEC firearms will not be used with the following exceptions only:

o   Springfield Model 1903A rifle.  Must have barrel mounted sights. WWII style receiver sights are not allowed.

o   US Enfield Model 1917 rifle: an accepted version of the British Enfield P14 in caliber .30-06. 

o   Colt Model 1917 revolver: a later model of the Model 1909 that permits the .45 ACP to be used.

o   Smith & Wesson 1917 revolver : a later model of the Model 1908 that permits the .45 ACP to be used.

o   Colt 1911A pistol.  Must be a basic model.  Beavertails, skeletonized hammers & triggers, ect.) are not allowed. 

o   Mauser rifles must be of pre-WWI design.  No WWII Mausers will be allowed.

•   The wearing of pre-1916 uniforms is encouraged but WWI specific items are WWI specific are not allowed.  Such items include, but are not limited to, steel helmets, gas masks, and other equipment or uniform items that were introduced and associated with the trench warfare in Europe.

•   The respective Brigade, Department or Division Ordnance Officer will have the final approval of any firearm used in the EEM.  There will be no appeal.

Era of Expansion Categories:

•   Regular:
o   MILSPEC Springfield 1903A1, Mauser 98, SMLE, etc.
o   MILSPEC semi-automatics or revolvers introduced prior to 1916 (see above for post-WWI firearms permitted).
o   Loading aids (3 round "C" clips for revolvers, clips for rifles, and magazines for pistols) are authorized.

•   Volunteer
o   MILSPEC Krags, MLEs, early Mausers, etc.
o   Single or double action revolvers.  No semi-automatic pistols.
o   Loading aids (magazines, stripper clips, etc) are not authorized.

•   Guardsman
•   Rifle or pistol caliber lever-action rifles
•   GAF approved semi-automatic pistol.  [I know SASS specifies the M1911A1 only – but I think as the GAF we can provide a bit more latitude and permit other semi-autos.
•   This category is designed to easily permit Cowboy Action Shooters to participate in the EEM without having to acquire new firearms.

Competitors should be encouraged to wear an appropriate period uniform that compliments the firearms they are shooting in the EEM. 

•   A separate uniform competion for the EEM will be conducted and one or more awards presented for the best uniforms.  First, Second and Third place awards should be provided to encourage competitors to shoot in uniform, and to encourage those who make the effort to match their firearms and uniforms.


For clarification, Moon Clips are allowed for the Colt or S&W M-1917?

Capt Mack



Yes, all reasonable loading aids are allowed in Expansion era


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