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The Non Commissioned Officer in the Frontier Army

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Boone May:
I thought some of you folks might not have seen this online article before.    It's about Non Commissioned Officer in the Frontier Army http://www.bar-w.com/frontier-nco.html

Silver Creek Slim:
That's great info. Thanks for posting it, pard.


Steel Horse Bailey:
Howdy!  Thanks for posting!

The last photo shown is pretty much the way I intend to be outfitted.  I portray a recently retired Cavalry 1st Sgt. of A Co. 4th US Cavalry;  which I am in real life.  ('Cept I was a Staff Sergeant, not 1st Sgt., and we call them Troops now, instead of Company .)


Dusty Chaps:
Hey - that was a great link.  I enjoyed reading a bunch of info.

Scattered Thumbs:
Great info, thanks for the link.


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