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Primary Milspec Handguns 1865-1901

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Upon request, I'm compiling a list of these sidearms.  We'll start with US sidearms, and add more as I research.  Please PM me with any suggestions, all are welcome.  Experimental issues may be covered in another entry.

United States:
-1865- Colt M1860 (Army) Colt 1851 (Navy)
-1870- S&W #3 .44 American, 1000 issued
-1871- Colt M1871 (Richards Conversion).44 Colt. 1200 Issued.  Navy began issue of .38 SC conversions of the 1851.
-1873- Colt M1873 Single Action Army .45
-1875- S&W #3 "Schofield" M1875, .45 S&W
-1889- Navy issues Colt M1889 DA revolver .38 LC (.41 frame)
-1892- Colt M1892,4,5,6,01,03 DA revolver .38 LC (41 Frame)
-1895- Reissue of modified Colt M1873 with 5.5" barrel.
-1899- S&W M1899 M&P, 3000 issued for use in Phillipines. .38 LC (K frame, round butt)

Those wishing to use the later model Colt .41 frame models (Army Special/Official Police) may do so if in the following configuration: 6" unshrounded light barrel, fixed sights, blued,  Square butt.  "Officers" models may be allowed if proper to the portrayal.  

Later S&W K frames may also be used if having a 6" unshrouded light barrel, blued, fixed sights, ROUND butt.  NO "Officers" models allowed.  S&W did not offer such a model in this era.

Many found here:   http://coolgunsite.com/pistols/usarevpage.htm

British Empire:
-1856- Beaumont-Adams DA revolver
-1880- Enfield MK I, MK-II,.476 Enfield
-1887- Webley MK-I. II, III, IV, V. .455

-1873- St Eteinne 11MM
-1892- Lebel M1892. 8MM

-1879- M1879-1883 Reichsrevolver 10.6MM
-Mauser C96, .30 Mauser, 9MM

-1870- S&W #3 .44 Russian
-1895- Nagant m1895 7.62 Nagant

-1856- Adams 10.5MM
-1858/63- Lefaucheax 11MM
-1874-S&W #3 11MM
-1884- S&W#3 System ONA 11MM
-1887- Merwin Hulbert 11MM

-1855- Colt 1851 .36
-1885- Colt 1878 .45 Colt
-1899/1900- Colt New Service .45 Colt

This is not an exclusive list, the GAF recognizes all milspec weapons of the period, both primary and secondary, as well as those of demonstrated military usage.

I got that file converted and you should have it by now.

My list came from a book on hand guns of the world. Looks like you got most of them.

pony express:
The Model 3 S&Ws and "New model 3" were pretty popular. Japan, Austrailia, Argentina, Turkey, in addition to Russia.


I think you cover most of the ones I PM'ed you.  The only possible exception might be the C-96, although they weren't issued in quantities in those countries that used them until after 1901.

What constituted "major powers" in the timeframe of 1865-1901?  Until the Spanish-American War I doubt seriously the U.S. could have been considered a major world power, as we were pretty well tied up with the Indian Wars Campaigns.  The SA War in 1898 changed that, of course.  Would Japan have been considered a major power prior to 1902 or so?  What about Turkey?  Of course, both those countries utilized S&W revolvers at one time or another.  Not trying to be nitpicky, just trying to relate to the historical perspective.  

The United States would probably be considered a "Significant" power militarly in the Victorian Era.  Major Status would come with the SAW.  Primarily through the Naval expansion of the 1890s.  In any case, our game heavily involves the US military of the age, and as is quite apparent, no one put as much effort into handguns as the US.  Its always been a subject of particular interest over here.  No one else takes them quite as seriously.

Once you get outside the "Major" european powers of the era, US hanguns tend to dominate, particularly the S&W #3.  Japan, China, Spain, most of the South American republics used the #3, or copied it in one fashion or another.  In the 1890s the Colt and Webley DAs began to cut into this, the Webley seen in most of the British Empire influenced militarys, the Colt dominating in South and Central America.

If you know of the Primary issue sidearms of any country, please PM me with them, so I may add to the list.


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