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What is your favorite CAS pistol and why?

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Big Hext Finnigan:
Describe your favorite pistol.. why do you like it so..
If you're an other, then tell us all what it is..

I'm trying something, you get 2 votes.. we'll see how it works.

Big Hext Finnigan:
FYI, you have to vote for both at the same time.  I'm stuck with just one vote. Sooo sad. Haw! ;D

I voted for Ruger because they are the best ;D but seriously I like them for their toughness and dependibility.


Doc Shapiro:
Ruger.  With Eagle Gunfighter Grips they point real well for me.  I don't have to search for the sights.


Capt. Jack McQuesten:
Ruger 4-5/8" Vaquero and a Ruger 4-5/8" Bisley Vaquero. Both blued in .44 magnum. I had them both before I got into the sport and they do double duty as ranch/hunting guns. Can't beat them for strength, reliability and affordability!


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