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Public Right to Carry?

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J.R. Logan:
Public Right to Carry?

What are your feelings as Police/Ex-Police on the public right to carry?



Only Police/Military should be allowed


Just looking for info from the people in the know.

J. R. Logan

Buffalow Red:
the founding fathers thougt they had that covered till obama came along

Leo Tanner:
Folks have been tryin' ta chisel away at the 2nd fer years.  Some think you should be able ta protect the homestead but not yerself out in public.  Some folks think certain guns are OK an others aren't as technology in fire arms moves forward.  Some think we shouldn't have any guns.
     I'm not in Law Enforcement but what it all comes down to is responsability.  Plain and simple.  If you can't protect yerself against a criminal who doesn't give a damn about the law in the first place, what good are all the gun laws to begin with.  The slime will get there hands on them one way or another.  I believe we should be able ta at least keep it even between us and them.  Just so long as we are responsable.

Leo (average citizen)


panhead pete:
Howdy All,

I am retiring from the Air National Guard 28 November.  We used to carry a Beretta 92 G mostly for anti Hijacking when I was flying C-130's as an Engineer.  The two words people have really NOT spoken about are "FREE STATE".  Written only 10-11 years after the revolution, the Forefathers knew an armed society was needed for
A. the Militia, we had no standing army.
B. So the government would be held in check by armed citizens.  They knew power was all corrupting and provided this right for that reason.



Black Powder:
Problem is that what the founding fathers thought was adaquate to keep the government in check will no longer work.  In the worst case senario, no legal firearm is going to be much use against tanks and full auto comin' your way.

Hopefully the new regime will be too busy breaking their campaign promises to mess with our 2nd amendment rights.  Plus, they don't have a fillibuster-proof majority to do anything at the national level.

Hope springs eternal.



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