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The Iron Trooper Medal as Awarded to the Brigade Champion

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Major Matt Lewis:
Ladies and Gentlemen,

After almost two years of working with Steffan, we were finally able to come up with a winner for the Iron Trooper.  This medal is cast out of Silver and is down right beautiful.  There is only one awarded per year and there is a criteria that states it may not be awarded at all if the criteria is not met.  In the history of GAF, there have only been 6 Iron Trooper Medals Awarded.

2004 - Colonel Diamond
2005 - Shoot n Newton
2006 - Major Matt Lewis
2007 - Pitsptr
2008 - Rattlesnake Jack
2009 - Sgt. Drydock
2010 - Col. Drydock ****Congratulations to our first double Champion****
2011- Col. Pitspitr
2012 - Col. Drydock ****Congratulations to our first triple Champion****
2013 - Rattlesnake Jack
2014 - Ned Neiderlander

This is the most challenging prize in all of Cowboy Action Shooting.  Not only must you be quick with the steel, you also have to hit targets farther and more difficulty placed.  You must also know and understand your personification and outfit yourself accordingly.

Major Matt
Here are some better photos of the Iron Trooper. They look better on solid Blue than on striped red and orange.

Three previous winners of the Iron Trooper Major Matt Lewis, Pitspitr and Col. Diamond

And the most recent winner, Rattlesnake Jack Robson

Major Matt Lewis:
Yup, they are much nicer pics.... :D


Guns Garrett:
Congratulations to Dusty Tagalon for winning the Iron Trooper for 2009 !!!

Dusty Tagalon:
Guns, the Iron trooper was won by Drydock at the 2009 Muster.



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