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Bull Schmitt:
Dusty Tagalong has developed a new recruiting brochure for the GAF. A copy of the GAF Recruiting Brochure is a available at:

Front of brochure
Back of brochure
PDF Version of brochure

I find that downloading it and inserting the images in a document files works fine. Once inserted the images can be resized to best fit the paper size you are using.

The PDF version contains both the front and back. It requires Adobe Reader to view.

These images are also be available through the GAF web site.

Bvt Col Bull Schmitt
Commander Department of the Atlantic
GAF Webmaster

Zouave Officer:
Thanks for posting this, I've gone ahead and downloaded it and hope to be putting these into use ASAP in the Southern District.

Major Matt Lewis:
Pretty sharp piece of work.....


Pony Racer:
In the new Chronicle there is a two page story on GAF.

Quite the good read and some nice pics!!!


Ol Gabe:
Outstanding job! Well done, Shabash, Shabash, (Glory, Glory!) as they would say in the Punjab!!
P.R, Kind Sir, All,
Since many of us may not be a subscriber to that mag/org, would it be possible to copy and post here or give is a website where we can read same said article?
Best regards and good shooting!
'Ol Gabe


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