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Sgt. Eli:
Stuck for a scenario idea, help yourself...Got a good scenario to share, share it.

     As you soak in a tub of tepid water at Stinkwater Springs, an odor fouls the air. BULL SKINNER! He has been out for months skinnin' buffs and now he's standing in the doorway wantin' a bath. Last time Bull was here they had to burn the tub. Run him out.

3 RIFLE TARGETS3 PISTOL TARGETS4 SHOTGUN KNOCKDOWNSHAY BALE  TUB  HAY BALEThe picture of the tub is being used in a different scenario (only pic I could find) where we exited the tub for shotgun and the number of targets is also different, but you get the idea.
2 PISTOLS~10 Rounds, 5 rounds in each pistol. Hammers down on empty chambers. Re-holster as required by category.
1 RIFLE~10 Rounds. Hammer down on empty chamber. Make safe at end of shooting string.
1 Shotgun~4+ Rounds on person. Load from body, no staged rounds. Open and Empty. Make safe at end of shooting string.

Shooter starts in the tub holding the scrub brush in one hand, and the soap in the other hand. Pistols holstered, the rifle and the open empty shotgun safely staged on hay bales beside tub. Shooter may engage this stage using any firearm order they choose, But they must end with either a pistol or the shotgun.

1. The shoot signals the RO they are ready by saying whatever it takes to get Bull out of the bathhouse. The RO will then give a standby followed by the beep.
2. At the beep the shooter places the soap and brush on the shelf.
3. Pistol in this order, 1-2-3-2-1 or 3-2-1-2-3.
4. Pistol in this order, 1-2-3-2-1 or 3-2-1-2-3.
5. Rifle in this order, 1-2-2-3-2-2-1-2-2-3 or 3-2-2-1-2-2-3-2-2-1.
6. Shotgun, 4 knockdowns in any order.

River City John:

     "There is a story told along the cattle trails of a cowboy whose honesty, steadfastness and skill when riding herd made him the darling of every Trail Boss. A cattle drive was guaranteed profitable if they could hire on this drover. There were fewer beef lost along the journey, higher prices than anticipated offered at trail's end, . . .why even Cookie's grub seemed to improve!
He was known as 'Yodeling Eustis'. He claimed the secret of his success, and hence his moniker, was that his yodeling held a powerful spell over man and beast.

     Now our story takes place at the lazy end of summer two years after the locusts, but several years before the great blizzard. It was the year of that devil twister, if you'll remember.
 We find our Hero enjoying some well-earned entertainments at the railhead town after the end of another cattle drive. And these entertainments included whisky, a fine cigar, and a turn at the gaming tables. But unbeknownst to our Friend he had fallen into a crooked game run by an impecunious, vile, most foul. . . .Well!, if you knew half of what I've heard, the less said the better.
     This rake and his cronies thought they had stumbled on easy pickings, and grew smug and discourteous because they believed they would easily cheat our Innocent out of his entire poke.
     But our Pride 'n' Joy was no one's fool, and soon after discovering their deceit he rose to his feet to call their bet. He drew iron and looked them square in the eye.

     And then he began to yodel."

( No shotgun.)
Set up the stage with the targets at different ranges, enough to offer increasing degrees of difficulty, from easy to "you gotta be kiddin'!" Assign an increasing point value as they go up in difficulty.
Then play the stage as if it was a hand of poker. NO TIMER USED. Each shooter plays against the other members of their posse. THERE ARE NO MISSES, and each target must be hit ONCE in ascending order. Once a shooter misses, or shoots a target out of order, they're out of the game for that stage. Draw cards to determine the first shooter. Each shooter builds their point score starting with the first target. When they reach a point level where they're comfortable it's going to be hard to best, they can stand pat and let the next shooter have their turn. If a subsequent shooter raises the best score, those who have not been eliminated can try to beat that new score by starting on the next target from the one where they had left off. 

There could be a lot of flexibility when setting target arrangement and to assign which firearm to be used when engaging groups of targets.
Here's the 'wild card'. All shooters must yodel while engaging their targets.

And the scoring?
It's winner takes all, so the winner has their final point score REMOVED from their overall match time as a bonus. All other posse members have the winning score ADDED to their overall time.
So there is a real incentive to not miss.

Used this one last summer. No movement because of the heat. It went over real well with the shooters. Some of the target sets didn't translate from Word.

Along came Jones

Lead in to scenarios at the end of the shooters’ meeting.  I’ll do it since I know how I want it to set the scene:

Yanno, back when we was kids we’d go to movie shows.  It was air conditioned there, weren’t at home.

They’d run old news reels, cartoons ‘n such leadin’ inta the feature film, Godzilla vs. sumthin’ or sumbody.  Sometimes they’d run old, really old, silent Western serials.  They were always the same.  Some evil hombre was tryin’ ta get the deed ta the ranch from a poor ole widow.  They were always cut off at a critical point leadin’ ya to wonder who would ride ta the rescue. Called ‘em ‘cliff hangers’.

Today, we’re gonna be in them serials.  We’re gonna be the hero.  So, let’s all join in when the posse leaders read out the scenarios.  Get in the mood ‘n inta the flow of the show.

So, lights, camera, COWBOY ACTION! Along came Jones! Brought ta you by the Pungo Posse!

And the posse sez YEEEE HAWW!!!!!
Stage 1 – Left stage set

Our waxed mustached villain can’t con the bank outtah the widow McGilicuty’s ranch.  So he takes a more direct route ‘n rides on over.  He spies the water supply as he goes thru the gates, right there next ta the cabin.  He breaks in ‘n says ‘If you don’t give me the deed ta yer ranch I’m gonna throw ya down the well!’

And then he grabs her.  Posse yells out – And then?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! 

He picks her up ‘n heads ta the well!  Posse yells out – And then?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


10 Rifle 2 Shotgun 10 Pizzol

Shooter starts behind the rest.  Rifle HDEC and shotgun AOE are staged on same.  Pistols HDEC ‘n holstered.  Hands on the hips, shooter shouts with feelin’ ‘n emotion, ‘Unhand that widdah!’, then waits for the beep.

On the beep, grab the rifle ‘n shoot the black targets.  Double tap the Injuns ‘n triple tap the Cowboys.  Make rifle safe ‘n replace to its staged position.

Grab the shotgun ‘n loadin’ per SASS rules, knock over the two standin’ shotgun targets.  Make it safe ‘n put it back.

With the pizzols, per category, double tap the Injuns ‘n triple tap the Cowboys.  Pizzol targets are white.

Stage over.  Follow the RO’s instructions.   


INJ                        INJ
Injuns at fifteen yards, more or less, the Cowboys a couple paces back.

sg  CBY  sg   INJ  INJ  sg  CBY  sg

Regular pistol distance.  Put the two injuns close to each other.  Leave room in the other places in the array for the shotgun targets to be placed in the gaps.  For this stage only the outside shotgun targets will be used.  All four placed out for other stages.

Rest (artificial bale)

Stage 2 – Right stage set

The villain, Snidely, ain’t gonna quit ‘til he gets Miz McGilicuty’s ranch.  He sneaks ‘n follows her up ta the mountains where she goes ta visit ‘er sisters in the convent ‘n get some fresh mountain air.  When the times right, he jumps out the bushes.

If you don’t give me the deed ta yer ranch I’m gonna push ya off the cliff!

And then he pulls his sword ‘n pokes at her.  Posse yells out – And then!?!?!?!?!?!?

She’s movin’ closer ta the edge!!!!!!!!!!! Posse yells out – And then!?!?!?!?!?!?


6 Rifle 10 Pizzle  4 Scattergun

Shooter starts behind the rest holdin’ HDEC rifle with both hands, butt resting on the shooter’s hip..  Shotgun is AOE staged on the rest.  Pizzles HDEC are holstered.

When ready, shooter shouts with feelin’ ‘n emotion, ‘Y’all stop pokin’ that lady!’ then waits on the beep.

On the inevitable beep, shooter engages the black targets in the followin’ order.  Bull’s pa-tooty, left cowboy, bull’s pa-tooty, right cowboy, bull’s pa-tooty, golden bell.  Make rifle safe ‘n ground it on the rest.

With the pizzles, by category, sweep the four white cowboys the fifth shot on the bell – repeat.  Pizzles HDFC returned to leather.

Grab the shotgun from the rest ‘n dispose of the knockdowns – they gottah fall.

End of stage.  Follow the RO’s instructions.

                                Bull’s Ass - Want it out a good 25.
                                                              CBY   CBY -  We want these matched in distance and separation with the two rifle cowboys on the left side for use in a common stage five.                                                                              
                                                                                 Bell -   Put this a couple steps past the pistol targets.  Wanna make it challenging but not difficult.

Try to set the outsides at the same distance and seperation as the left side’s outer pistol targets for a common fifth stage set.  Two shotgun targets at each end of the array.  Rest is an artificial bale to match the left side.
Stage 3 – Left side

Snidely heals up from the last episode ‘n he comes up with another plan.  Hidin’ out late at night it the train station, he accosts Miz McGilicuty on the platform.

If ya don’t gimme the deed ta yer ranch I’m gonna tie ya ta the RR tracks!

And then he grabbed her…………..

Posse yells out – And then!?!?!?!?!?!?

He tied her up……

Posse yells out – And then!?!?!?!?!?!?

He put her on the RR tracks!

Posse yells out – And then!?!?!?!?!?!?


6 Shotgun 7 Rifle 10 Pizzol

Shooter starts with shotgun AOE pointed safely down range.  Off hand MAY NOT rest on shells.  Rifle is staged on the rest.  Pizzols HDEC holstered.

When ready, shooter shouts with feelin’ ‘n emotion, ‘You get her offah there!’ then waits on the obnoxious beep.

On same, loadin’ per SASS rules, knock down the left pair of  knock downs.  They must fall before continuing.  Knock down the right pair of knock downs.  They must fall before continuing.  Shoot the white Injuns once each.  Those may not be picked up, a miss is a miss.  Make the gun safe and ground it on the rest.

Grab the rifle and with same engage the black targets in a Nevada sweep.  Make rifle safe and replace on the rest.

Per category, fill yer hand(s) with pizzols and engage the white targets in a continuous Nevada sweep.

End of stage.  Follow RO’s instructions.

Same set as stage one.

Stage 4 – Right side.

Ole Snidely hatches ‘nother plot.  He knows the church social  iz gonna be held right next ta where the Lawyer Poindexter set up a saw mill ta cut lumber fer his new ranch. He knows if Poindexter stumbles onta his plans he won’t say nuttin’ cuz he’s yellah.  So, when the time is right, Snidely ab-ducks the widah McGillicuty ‘n hauls ‘er off ta the mill sayin’ ‘If you don’t gimme the deed ta yer ranch I’m gonna saw y’all in half..

He ties her ta a plank!!!  Posse sings out, AND THEN!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

He flips on the buzzzzzzzz  saw!  Posse sings out, AND THEN!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! AND THEN!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

Along came Jones!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10 Rifle 10 Pistol 4 Shotgun

Shooter starts with thumbs tucked into the gunbelt, centered, Pistols with five each HDEC.  Rifle loaded with ten, HDEC ‘n the shotgun AOE both staged on the rest.

When ready, shooter yells with feelin’ ‘n emotion, ‘Now ya cut that out!’  (Bad choice of words?) 

IN ANY ORDER – With the rifle, shoot the Bull’s patooty once, the black cowboys three times each – dump the rest on the bell.  Shogun, all four must fall.  Pistols – two sweeps of the white targets, double tapping the one with the black hat – either direction.  Long guns will be made safe and returned to the rest.  Pistols to be returned to leather HDFC.  Rifle MAY NOT be last.

Same target set as stage 2.

Stage 5 – Both Sides.

By now, po ole Snidely done been pretty messed up ‘n Jones is getting’ tired.

Snidelys gonna give it one more try.  He spies the widah tendin’ ‘er garden.  With a bomb in hand he shouts out, in a weak voice. ‘If ya don’t gimme the deed ta yer ranch I’m gonna blow ya ta smitherines!’

He lights the fuse.  Posse sings out, AND THEN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

He rares back ta throw.  Posse sings out, AND THEN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?  AND THEN?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Jones shows up, takes the bomb from Snidely, says ‘I’m tired ah this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’

10 Rifle – 10 Pistol

Rifle is on the rest, loaded with 10 HDEC.  Pistols are loaded with 5 each, HDEC holstered.  Shooter will take a bomb, light it, try to throw it towards the area between the black ‘n white targets while yelling, ‘I’ll blow ‘er up myself!’, then waits for the last time on the darned beep.

On the beep, grab the rifle ‘n shoot each black target five times.  Make rifle safe.  With the pistols, shoot each white target five times.  Return pistols HDFC to leather.

End of stage.  Follow RO’s instructions.


Dr. Bob:
River City John,

Ya fergot to mention the strong sentiment ta string ya up with a brand new rope at the end of the stage!  Oh, and ya fergot to say that ya din't come to the match.  Lucky ya lived to write about it! :o ::) :o ::) >:( :o ::)  Sum still ain't fergiv ya!

Doc Shapiro:
And if you get really stuck, try this:


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