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Bull Schmitt:
The Department of the Atlantic's Adjutant, Capt. Lou Graham, will be the point of contact for anyone needing assistance with coordinating a color guard.

Bvt Col Bul Schmitt
Commander Department of the Atlantic

Cannon Fodder:
Color Guard -Mule Camp- Memorial Day Weekend

Attn Col Bull Schmitt and Capt Lou Graham

It looks like we are doing a lot better on getting the Color Guards  together. I tried to do this at Mulecamp several years  ago and  "just never got it off the ground".

What are your thoughts and will either of  you be at Mulecamp?

Best,Cannon Fodder

Zouave Officer:
Cannon, I'm over here in South Carolina and Think I can probaly throw together a Color Guard of maybe 10-12 guys. Please feel free to contact me and maybe we can get it put together.


Cannon Fodder:

We have many things in common. I tried to email you but it must of not gone through.  You can reach me  at debick@bellsouth.net

Best, Don or Cannon Fodder

Zouave Officer:
Hello, just in case it doesn't go through, I sent you a response via Yahoo email, if you don't get it my regular email address is Johnnyreb6@aol.com, feel free to write anytime.


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