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The Powder Room - CAS reloading / Re: 38 Long Colt Pressures
« Last post by Professor Marvel on Today at 04:25:36 AM »
Trailboss is a smokeless powder, designed to be "fluffly" so as to be difficult to accidentally dump a double charge
in large cases. It is known to have a "faster" pressure curve than smokeless, so if one is using it in original
guns, I would advise against it.

If you are shooting it in modern conversions, if one wanted to consider the differences, by working the math we see
that one might reduce the starting charge by .093 grains... or less than 1/10 grains. Sooooo ....
not that much of a difference. But free advice is worth every penny. Just watch for pressure signs.

good luck and keep us posted
prof marvel
Tall Tales / Re: New month, no lie, it's July
« Last post by Silver Creek Slim on Yesterday at 11:55:40 PM »
T'storms. Lost power bout 10 min ago.

STORM / Re: lookin for a barrel for a project
« Last post by Black River Smith on Yesterday at 08:44:00 PM »
Again, did not know about the Dance being 8" long.  Sorry.  Well have fun with your search and subsequent work.  Hope it turns out for you.
NCOWS / Re: Latest acquisition
« Last post by Black River Smith on Yesterday at 08:39:05 PM »
You may want to take a second look at that Colt.  I do not see an ejector rod housing guide on the frame.  Unless you are already aware of it but this looks like an Original Storekeeper Model.  I guess it could have been professionally filed or cut off but...l.  Now that is not saying that the original <4" barrel was not cut but... I would be very careful about what you do to it.
Tall Tales / Re: New month, no lie, it's July
« Last post by Delmonico on Yesterday at 08:29:36 PM »
I need this T shirt.
When C&B cylinder is in the gun how do the caps stay on when passing the notch in the frame for the cartridge loading?

I have not tried this pair yet with cap and ball because I have another pair that I normally shoot the cap and ball in but I am assuming that with properly fitting caps they should stay on. Its not like the metal that would have been there is actually holding the caps in place.
Colt Firearms / Colt Derringers
« Last post by ndnchf on Yesterday at 07:52:40 PM »
Is anyone playing with the little Colt 3rd or 4th model derringers? I picked up this .41 rimfire late 1870s 3rd model and have ordered reloadable .41 rimfire cases and bullets.

I also have this nickeled .22 short late 1950s 4th model. Its a fun little shooter.
The Powder Room - CAS reloading / Re: Squib loads
« Last post by Robert Swartz on Yesterday at 07:47:17 PM »
Hi Robert, I am by no means an experienced reloader, but I have been doing it.   Knock on wood, i have yet to have a squib or a primer issue.    i am a scientist and after thoroughly researching reloading, I wrote myself a Standard Operating procedure.   
I have a single stage Lee press (their anniversary model).   I do not see the need to go to a progressive.   Not to throw shade, but I have experienced shooting with those who have squibs and raised primers.    One thing they had in common was a progressive press.   i am not saying that caused the issue, but i find doing things quicker is not always better.

First I resize and deprime everything at once.    Then they get a 2nd cleaning, having been cleaned after firing.    When everyone is dry and happy, I prime them all and open up the case mouth a touch.    I inspect each one individually at this point, both the body of the case, and the seated primer.   
I am now ready to do small batches of cartridges.   For smokeless, i have a powder charger.   I charge five cartridges and then a 6th charge gets weighed.   if all is good, I seat and crimp the five charged cartridges.   Then do the same thing.  This lets me start and stop, not having to remember where I was at and regular weighings ensures all is good.   
For blackpowder, all the same up until adding powder.   I have spouts I use for each caliber.   In both I use a card and wad.   So, I measure powder in the spout, pour into the cartridge, ensuring all is added and then tap them a bit to settle it.   Add card  and wad then place the bullet.  These I do one at a time, compressing the powder, seating the bullet and crimping before moving to the next cartridge.   I could probably shorten this, but to my science mind, that means I am not focusing on my safety and the safety of my friends that I shoot with.   

My procedure is printed and setting on my bench right by the press.    works well

.....I have a few notes written down. Procedure wise, seems a lot of what you do is similar to my methods. I deprime all my brass, then have a two step cleaning process. First I run everything through a sonic cleaner, then they go into the media tumbler. Then I inspect, clean and separate the brass by type, at least with rifle brass. Like you, I build in small lots. Lets me keep the process in check.

The only primer misfires I've had were shotgun shells. I confess, I frequent the County skeet range. Being a hull whore, I have boxes of old shot shells. Usually,  those are bad or caved bases that I didn't catch.

Chuck, I agree, before I start building smokeless loads. I will get a loading book. I'm still trying to get gas checks for my 30 40 bullets.
NCOWS / Re: Latest acquisition
« Last post by Abilene on Yesterday at 06:43:47 PM »
Very cool!
NCOWS / Re: Blue River Regulators "Ruckus at Raccoon Forks" Registration
« Last post by Dusty Tagalon on Yesterday at 06:12:51 PM »
Rearranged my schedule with the VA, now drive shuttle on Tuesday. Made reservations in Lincoln, so registration mailed.
Saturday, will rotate through 6x revolvers, 6x different calibers, had fun doing it at Nationals!
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