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Sixgun Spotlight - A New Series On My Channel

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Rube Burrows:
I am doing a new series on my channel called Sixgun Spotlight. Just thought I would share it here for those who may be interested.

King Medallion:
Excellent guns! I have a pair in 44-40, my CAS guns for the past 12 years. Got action jobs right away and they have been trouble free all these years. I only wish they would come in 38/40 too!

Love the looks of the '75's - just don't fit my hands.


King Medallion:
They fit me better than Colts. Got a pair of 1890's too, in 45Colt.  Basically they are 75's without the under barrel rib.

Rube Burrows:
Episode 2 on the Schofield.


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