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Sgt Schultz's Colt.

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Professor Marvel:
Greetings My Dear CAS City Netizens

So, here comes Professor Marvels  latest brain fart actually active project
Sgt Schultz's Colt.

I am following in Major's and Coffinmakers footsteps...
but only making one.

I tried shooting gunfighter, one in each hand, several times, and discovered I do not have the attention span
to handle two pistoles sultanaseously simultomeously  at once. Oddly, however,  I can shoot weakhand
almost as good as stronghand. SO, for the greater good and to keep from accidently discharging something
into my own anatomy I'll stick with one hand at a time.
Sargeant Shultz' Colt is not as nice as  "Captain Schaeffer's" Colt, but  more cheaper affordable.
I can't seem to pry the 500-600 for the store bought model, but chanced across someone elses crap
"Colt 1851 .44 Marshall" pistol and extra barrel ( seperately ) used but virtual unshot and incredibley cheaply.
(did I mention I'm cheap frugal?)

Nothing has yet been cut, but with the alternate barrel  I can have both a 5" and a 3 1/2" 

But before I cut, I thought I would ask , What is the opinion on the shorter snubby  Colt barrel length?
the incorrect 4" like Pietta;s Schaffer replica 
or the correct 3 1/2" ?
or somehting else?

Since I have 2 barrels the function of the lever  doesn't matter so much.
I also need to decide which barrel to cut :-)

My first thought is to cut the Texas Star barrel - if one cuts at 3 1/2 or 3 3/8 the cut falls between the end of the engraving and the word CALIBRE
the decorative engraving on the top near the muzzle will get covered by a dovetail in any case.

prof marvel

Capt Quirk:
I didn't know Schultz had a Colt, I always saw him with a Grab rifle... When he wasn't leaving it with a POW. But, I know nuthink. Nuthink!


 :)  Ah So Padwan  ;)

I twould appear, your Pietta 44 Navy Marshall has been around for a bit.  A Good bit.  Soooooo, BEFORE you do, cut, grind, hammer, whack or assault anything, first insure the extra barrel will in fact fit on the Marshall.  There has been a "fitment" problem between Older and Newer built guns.  So install both barrel assemblies and run a range rod down the bore and chambers.  Most important.

I suspect (from previous engagement) you have a lathe.  This would probably facilitate cutting the loading lever, and re-cutting/boring the loading lever to re-attach the latch.  Now, loading the gun with a loading lever that short is an exercise in abject futility.  You will be requiring a swell Cylinder loading stand.  Such as a Tower of Power (Shameless Plug for DDD) for loading.  With That out of the way ......

I am a proponent of the shorter barrel.  4 inch barrels are nice.  3 1/2 inch barrels are nicerer.  Perhaps even 3 3/4.  You have two barrels of approximately 5 inches??  May be 5, don't remember.  Since the barrel pictured "on the gun" appears to have matching laser work to the frame, I would probably - might - would - cut the Star barrel and I'd cut it so it squares up at 3 1/2 inches.

Referencing you to Tame Bill's Trieste on '51 Perfection, a rather nice dovetail front sight can be had from Dixie.  The sight will be subject to mucho filing.  If further visual visualization would be of assistance, I could e-Mail several Tin Types of several Sample Examples, built on the same Frame/Gun ??  I suggest finding a way to retain the loading lever as the Navy Pattern Barrel looks rather wonky without it's loading stuff (Personal Opine, unsupported by testimonial).

Your Call, Navy 42 .... We be a Lighthouse.

Professor Marvel:
Thanks My Dear Coffin!

any tintypes or crayola drawings are appreciated!
frame is date code CB, year 2007
both barrels fit well and pass the range rod test.
yes, lathe and benchtop minimill are available, so I plan to do the loading lever.
But I will probably silver solder the loading lever latch onto the barrel. But will Dovetail the sight.
oddly, the brass gripframe is cut for a stock, and is the older trumpet shape, so may be a mismatch....
but the backstrap has  a bit of "ivy" engraving....

more later

prof marbles

>Your Call, Navy 42 .... We be a Lighthouse.

 I stand corrected Coffin, you're an oak

Personally, I like both the way they are. FWIW.



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